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    That's what i also experience. But diisabling audio passthrough does nothing for me.

    The weird thing is that it works completely fine with some h264/h265 1080p(23.976/24fps) files and stutters/skips visibly with others. It was already discussed at the end of the the last announcement post. And i also find nothing in the logs.

    Anyone else having playback issues with the pi4 (1080p, h264/h265, adjust refresh rate on start/stop)?

    Some files play without problem, but i have also encountered dropped frames every few seconds in some files. It is quite noticable. I started watching my h264 encode of Gladiator and it stutters every 2-3 seconds (so it drops some frames)

    I also get the infamous "drop frames before first appearance of srt subtitles" in a lot of files. This happens every time a new block of subtitles appears after some time without dialog.

    Are that known issues?