Image interferences while playing a movie on a tinkerboard s

  • Hi,

    I opened a issue in the general support section and got transferred over.

    It is a thinkerboard s powered by an ARM-based Mali-T760 MP4 GPU

    My issue is that after the TinkerBoard.arm-9.1.501-rk3288 version I am not able to play any movies , series or even YouTube on the thinkerboard s, so that I am stuck at the moment with the 9.1.501 version. I only see pixelated blocks / clouds everywhere.

    Log from the Working TinkerBoard.arm-9.1.501-rk3288 version:

    Log from the NON-Working TinkerBoard.arm-9.2.1 version (every version after 9.1.501 did not work):

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  • Too bad, do you have a workaround so far ? I see that 8.90.015 is usable ? is that the last version without the artefacts?