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    I opened a issue in the general support section and got transferred over.

    It is a thinkerboard s powered by an ARM-based Mali-T760 MP4 GPU

    My issue is that after the TinkerBoard.arm-9.1.501-rk3288 version I am not able to play any movies , series or even YouTube on the thinkerboard s, so that I am stuck at the moment with the 9.1.501 version. I only see pixelated blocks / clouds everywhere.

    Log from the Working TinkerBoard.arm-9.1.501-rk3288 version:

    Log from the NON-Working TinkerBoard.arm-9.2.1 version (every version after 9.1.501 did not work):

    Thank you very much for your response Da Flex.

    I do not remember the screen mode but I can check or even create another log with the working 9.1.501 version in the evening. I have the 501 on the mmc and tested now on an SD card. The other day I just updated 9.2.1 over 9.1.501 on the mmc and had the image interferences again. So I returned back since 9.1.501 seems for me the only working version.

    I will try a lower resolution in the evening and will report back.

    Thanks again

    Hi guys,

    I am using a Thinkerboard S and having issues with it. Everything worked fine up to version TinkerBoard.arm-9.1.501-rk3288 and all following versions even 9.2.1 are causing issues that I am not able to solve. I tried movies on my hard drive as well as videos on YouTube (Kodi YouTube plugin) and unfortunately, I am seeing in both cases just image interferences while I am watching Videos. Big pixelated blocks / clouds everywhere, not sure how to explain that properly.
    At least not watchable at all.

    I just did a fresh installation and tested it again with 9.2.1 and unfortunately I am having the same issues.

    I attached the log file, hope it is the right one.

    Thank you in advance.

    Hi Kwiboo,
    Thank you very much for the new builds.
    on my thinkerboard s I can confirm that it works as expected. No stuttering, no blocks it works just fine. The only thing that I noticed was that DTS-HD audio is not working in regards with bitstreaming. There was just noise, no audio.


    I am using a tinkeboard with the TinkerBoard.arm-9.1.501-rk3288 version. Up to this version it worked OK, the 9.1.502 and the 9.2.0 (I know it is not released yet but I could download it and gave it a try) have very hectic interferences. Big pixelated blocks all over the place.

    Is there anybody else experiencing that?

    Is there any other version (even testbuilds) I can try?


    thanks a lot. Yeah was afraid of that. I installed libreelec on the internal emmc and the board is in a aluminium case for cooling. It is always a bit of a struggle to get the sd-card in and find the right jumper position. ;)

    Maybe during one of the next weekends.

    Thanks again, especially for all the great work on the rockchip adaptation. :thumbup:


    Thanks a lot for the new update. It is getting there.

    Just a question about the InputStream add-on? I just noticed that it did not get updated to the newest version like on my raspberry. Can I find it somewhere else to get it updated. I hope that reduces the jerking of the Netflix stream on 720p.


    A few minutes back the add-on was updated automatically. Thanks for that. Netflix is running under 720p slightly better but not as smooth as on the raspberry. Just hope that some day 1080p will be possible, but just now the load on the CPU is too high and the stream runs very bad.

    Thanks a lot to both of you.

    Yesterday I played around with some NTP server addresses and was wondering about the result as well. Yeah i agree, as long as the time is right. With every other network device, it was quite simple, I just replaced the pre-set NTP to my local IP and it worked. Even the raspberry, that is hosting the Pi-Hole, had no issue with it. So I was wondering what Libreelec is doing different and why it is still sending requests if I asked it not to do so. But the behaviour is well explained by chewitts link and I am happy that I can get it to work if I really need to.