Compilation fail at pycryptodome for aarch64

  • Hi, LibreELEC devs,

    I have successfully compile LibreELEC(32bit) for PineH64 successfully. It's running pretty well.

    When I try building aarch64 version, it failed at pycryptodome:

    building 'Crypto.Hash.MD2' extension Thome/sbbg/ LibreELEC-H6.aarch64-9.80-devel/toolchain/bin/aarch64-libreelec-linux-grueabi-gcc-Wno-unused-result-Wsign-compare DNDEBUG -9-fwrapv -03 -Wall -march-native -02 -Wali -pipe -I/home/sbbg/ LibreELEC-H6.aarch64-9.88-devel/toolchair include inof ormat-security -marchnative -02 -Wall -pipe -I/home/sbbg/ LibreELEC-H6.aarch64-9.80-devel/toolchain include-no-format-security pycryptodome (target) manual
    -march-armv8-arcrc+crypto -mabi-lp64 -Wno-psabi -mtune-cortex-a53 -Wall -pipe -02 -fomit-frame-pointer -FPIC -DPYCRYPTOLLITTLE.ENDIAN -OSYS BUS 4-DLTC.NO ASM -Isrc/ -1/home/sbbg/ aarch64-libreelec-linux-gruedbi/sysroot/usr/include /python3.7 -C src/MD2.C -o build/temp.linux-x86_64-3.7/src/MD2.0 Assembler messages:
    Error: unknown architecture 'native
    Error: unrecognized option march native

    So do I have to edit the Makefile or something?

    Or is there other recommeded way to modify CFLAGS for LibreELEC build system?

    Thank you.

  • It's a known issue, but not a high priority for investigation as LE does not currently release aarch64 images (as we need arm userspace for libwidevine compatibility). If you build with ARCH=arm the image will complete.

  • Hi, Chewitt,

    Thanks for the reply!

    And thank you for reminding about missing widevine support for aarch64.

    But please allow me to ask further 2 questions:

    1. What if I wish to complete this build despite widevine support? Or at least complete building Kodi? Is there any official way to modify cflags?

    2. In the completed ARM build, I wish to know what KODI did enable during its configuration. (opengl? libressl? alsa?... ) I can't find config.log in build/kodi-[0-9]* directory. Is there anyway to find out?