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    Hi, LibreELEC gurus,

    I'm trying to fitting your copy of patched Kodi and FFMPEG into another Armbian system in order to enjoy the HW decoding.

    But I heard that it's required kernel patched from you as well.

    After I import your patched 5.5.6 kernel into Armbian, I would like to know what are the necessary kernel options to enable DRMplane and HW decoding for H6.

    May you tell me more about this? Is this documented?

    Thank you.

    Hi, Chewitt,

    Thanks for the reply!

    And thank you for reminding about missing widevine support for aarch64.

    But please allow me to ask further 2 questions:

    1. What if I wish to complete this build despite widevine support? Or at least complete building Kodi? Is there any official way to modify cflags?

    2. In the completed ARM build, I wish to know what KODI did enable during its configuration. (opengl? libressl? alsa?... ) I can't find config.log in build/kodi-[0-9]* directory. Is there anyway to find out?

    Hi, LibreELEC devs,

    I have successfully compile LibreELEC(32bit) for PineH64 successfully. It's running pretty well.

    When I try building aarch64 version, it failed at pycryptodome:

    1. building 'Crypto.Hash.MD2' extension Thome/sbbg/ LibreELEC-H6.aarch64-9.80-devel/toolchain/bin/aarch64-libreelec-linux-grueabi-gcc-Wno-unused-result-Wsign-compare DNDEBUG -9-fwrapv -03 -Wall -march-native -02 -Wali -pipe -I/home/sbbg/ LibreELEC-H6.aarch64-9.88-devel/toolchair include inof ormat-security -marchnative -02 -Wall -pipe -I/home/sbbg/ LibreELEC-H6.aarch64-9.80-devel/toolchain include-no-format-security pycryptodome (target) manual
    2. -march-armv8-arcrc+crypto -mabi-lp64 -Wno-psabi -mtune-cortex-a53 -Wall -pipe -02 -fomit-frame-pointer -FPIC -DPYCRYPTOLLITTLE.ENDIAN -OSYS BUS 4-DLTC.NO ASM -Isrc/ -1/home/sbbg/ aarch64-libreelec-linux-gruedbi/sysroot/usr/include /python3.7 -C src/MD2.C -o build/temp.linux-x86_64-3.7/src/MD2.0 Assembler messages:
    3. Error: unknown architecture 'native
    4. Error: unrecognized option march native

    So do I have to edit the Makefile or something?

    Or is there other recommeded way to modify CFLAGS for LibreELEC build system?

    Thank you.

    There are several patches responsible mostly for video decoding and hdmi audio, but also a few others. Check all patches in projects/Allwinner and in ffmpeg package for v4l2-request api. There is also Kodi patch which makes sure that highest GUI size is 1080p. You really don't need better GUI resolution, which would just slow down everything. Videos are still rendered at 4K.

    Not sure how else you will get those patches and needed build switches to activate them.

    GPU != VPU and no, videos are not rendered by GPU in LibreELEC.

    Sir, thank you first for so much detailed info. I certainly appreciate these from bottom of my heart.

    I have some more specific question to ask, so I will thank you here and close this topic.

    Hello, libreELEC devs,

    Thank you first for all your effort.

    I have compiled KODI for Gentoo on PineH64(Allwinner H6) for GBM. But the performance is NOT on par with libreELEC, where it can do 4K fairly well.

    With my build, it takes 60% CPU to play 1080P video and surrender to a 4K file.

    Strangely, both Kodi's system information telling that it's all panfrost rendering.

    That make me wondering: what could be wrong with the configure parameter or something else with my compiled Kodi.

    Does anyone can tell me about the configure parameter for Allwinner H6?

    Or could it be something else causing such dramatic difference:?:

    Thank you, again.