RockChip RK3399 Wifi Question

  • I was given this box. Just coming up to speed on it.

    I have libreelec installed. External harddrive for the library.

    Library plays well looks good. I would like to manage adding files and playlists over wifi.

    I cannot get the wifi to connect. When I go to Connections, I just see a blank page. How long do you need to wait for it to populate? I am in an apartment and should see a long list of wifi nets available. But I see nothing.

    I see that the YouTube addon has been added, so the wifi worked at one time. (I played with it a bit 6 months ago).

    Any suggestions on where to start?

    Can wifi passwords be installed on the system by way of a text file?

    Edit: Just waited for one half hour and the page never populated. What is going on?

    Edit: I am running LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-9.1.501-rock960.img. Since that was working, centurylink messed with my modem configuration to get me more speed. Can the once working wifi and a change in the modem be connected? Would the 9.2.0 image be better at wifi?

    Edit: New image installed. Discovered Norton 360 on my PC is hiding the net name.

    During setup two unnamed wifi nets were listed. I guessed. I had to provide the hidden network name and the passphrase. When I did there was no error and the wifi net list went blank and I proceeded to the next screen thinking it connected. I scanned in the library. Rebooted - no wifi. Go to Connections. No connections listed like the previous version. 1 time out of 10 I got the net list to come up, but didn't have my cheat sheet with me when it did. Since then it won't come back up.

    Since it is intermittent I am wondering if something thermal is going on? This is such a PITA.

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