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    Trying out Libreelec 9.2.6 on the RockPro64 running off a 32gb SD. This is an early review.

    Issues I've seen:

    I can't enable Bluetooth. By design?

    The Pine remote for the RP64 doesn't work that well. I have to tell it twice, often! Sometimes it seems holding down a bit longer than normal helps, but the remote can go into the key repeat mode quite quickly. Is this my installation of the IR sensor, or known issues?

    I did a reboot and it shutdown instead, and was fun to power up again. Not. Couldn't power up with the remote.

    Speaking of remotes, can the RF remote from the Vero be made to work on the RP64? (dongle + remote). I love the way it works.

    I've did the video calibration in Kodi during its initial setup, and have had to go back and reestablish it again. I think that was needed after the above reboot/shutdown.

    I have a USB 3.0 hub plugged into the 3.0 port of the RP64. It has 5 external 3.0 drives on it. I mount those drives on a PC in Win10 and do file transfers from a 3.0 external on the PC to the RP64 drives. I see ~100mbs initially and then it quickly settles down to a sustained rate of 33mbs. Is that considered a normal result?

    4k is hit and miss, as I have read about. I need to explore my library, including MV's and audio files to see what else is working. Please, oh please let the audio-out jack work! :)

    Great work in such a short time!

    Does analog audio through the 3.5mm jack work? (RockPro64)

    I've googled. Most help is for windows.

    so I found a post that suggests running pactl

    I don't know what to look for but these lines looked informative. SUSPENDED is seen twice.

    My MAC address does not change on reboot.

    > Server String: /var/run/pulse/native

    > Library Protocol Version: 32

    > Server Protocol Version: 32

    > Is Local: yes

    > Client Index: 3

    > Tile Size: 65496

    > User Name: root

    > Host Name: Play2

    > Server Name: pulseaudio

    > Server Version: 12.2

    > Default Sample Specification: s16le 2ch 44100Hz

    > Default Channel Map: front-left,front-right

    > Default Sink: bluez_sink.00_16_94_37_57_23.a2dp_sink

    > Default Source: bluez_sink.00_16_94_37_57_23.a2dp_sink.monitor


    path=/org/bluez/hci0/dev_00_16_94_37_57_23 aut


    > 7 bluez_sink.00_16_94_37_57_23.a2dp_sink module-bluez5-device.c s16le

    2ch 44100Hz SUSPENDED

    > 7 bluez_sink.00_16_94_37_57_23.a2dp_sink.monitor module-bluez5-device.c

    s16le 2ch 44100Hz SUSPENDED

    I went to a friends and tried the headphones on a rockchip box running OSMC. I fumbled for a while but we got it to move from the discover column to the paired column. The BT symbol shows blue from a moment but turns red immediately if it doesn't receive a reply. So, it paired, but sound still came from the TV not the headphones.

    With that experience I brought them back home and tried again. I was able to get the wetek running 18.2 LE to pair them up, easier than the rockchip box. But the same results. Screen shows they are paired, but sound still comes from the TV and nothing from the headphones.


    I've got the headphones I ordered now. Paired up beautifully with my cellphone. I use them for music, not the phone.

    I bought the headphones to work with my Wetek Play 2 box running LE 18.2. Both BT 4.0.

    My cellphone paired up easily. Asked me to authenticate a numeric sequence, and life was good.

    Now for "the box". I reboot "the box" and go straight to Bluetooth in libreelec system area. Two or three devices populate the BT list on the box depending on if BT is turned on on my phone, or not. When the phone is off, two devices show up. I found out one is the neighbors 4k TV. The other device just shows the BT symbol and a MAC address. Can't pair. Can't connect to it. I wonder if that is my Wetek Hub in the other room? It would be BT 4.0 as well. I'm in an apartment. Could be anything.

    When I cycle on the power for the Sennheiser HPs I hear "power on", "no connection" (with cellphone BT off). The list of Bluetooth devices on the wetek box doesn't change once the headphones are on. One would expect an extra device would show up on the wetek BT list.

    I would think the headphones were the problem except they worked fine with media on the cell phone.

    I am new to BT. Never had a need for it before. And I certainly have never had BT headphones before, so the problem could easily be me.

    Any suggestions or directions?

    Off the wall noob BT questions.

    If I am paired and using the HPs with the cellphone and switch the wetek box on. Could I tell the box to pair with the HPs, and would it drop the pairing with the cellphone in favor of pairing with the wetek box?

    I cannot figure out what the headphone MAC address is, since it doesn't show up when pairing with my phone or on the wetek box. And I don't see it on any of the headphone paperwork. No windows BT machine to check for the MAC.

    Thanks for making it this far.

    Reviving and old thread

    Auto Connect Bluetooth Headset

    I have some Sennheiser (HD 4.40 BT) headphone en route, so I have been reading up on what I am up against in using them.

    After reading the thread above I am vague on various points.

    First, are they setting up a button on a remote control to force the BT reconnect, or is it a control button on the headphone?

    Second, what is the filename and location where this line is added to?

    <key id="0x07">RunScript(/storage/</key>

    Third, I guess there is a map for these key id numbers available somewhere in case I need something other than key 7?

    Fourth, after reading to the end of the thread and making the suggested edits, is this the correct final code for the python file (understanding that I am going to insert my bt mac add.)?

        import xbmc
        import os
        from subprocess import call
         call('echo -e "connect ##YOUR-BT-MAC##\nexit" | 
    bluetoothctl', shell=True)

    Finally, I suppose even more MAC addys could be added to the code for BT keyboards, mice, etc, to have the whole crew reconnect, if needed? Or assign a different button for each device and have a custom python file for every button/device combo?

    Many thanks LE community!

    I was given this box. Just coming up to speed on it.

    I have libreelec installed. External harddrive for the library.

    Library plays well looks good. I would like to manage adding files and playlists over wifi.

    I cannot get the wifi to connect. When I go to Connections, I just see a blank page. How long do you need to wait for it to populate? I am in an apartment and should see a long list of wifi nets available. But I see nothing.

    I see that the YouTube addon has been added, so the wifi worked at one time. (I played with it a bit 6 months ago).

    Any suggestions on where to start?

    Can wifi passwords be installed on the system by way of a text file?

    Edit: Just waited for one half hour and the page never populated. What is going on?

    Edit: I am running LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-9.1.501-rock960.img. Since that was working, centurylink messed with my modem configuration to get me more speed. Can the once working wifi and a change in the modem be connected? Would the 9.2.0 image be better at wifi?

    Edit: New image installed. Discovered Norton 360 on my PC is hiding the net name.

    During setup two unnamed wifi nets were listed. I guessed. I had to provide the hidden network name and the passphrase. When I did there was no error and the wifi net list went blank and I proceeded to the next screen thinking it connected. I scanned in the library. Rebooted - no wifi. Go to Connections. No connections listed like the previous version. 1 time out of 10 I got the net list to come up, but didn't have my cheat sheet with me when it did. Since then it won't come back up.

    Since it is intermittent I am wondering if something thermal is going on? This is such a PITA.

    Wetek Play 2 - SD Card - LE - TVDeadHead 4.2 - ATSC-T tuner

    I set up a DVR program for later tonight using the TVDeadHead backend HTML PC interface.

    How do I make that time slot a weekly recurring recording?

    There is a learning curve associated with Libreelec and Kodi. If you're not willing to learn, then it's your loss. By the way, your Windows Shares must now be password protected in order for the new SMB / Samba path to work. I was stumped until I asked for help here. Good Luck !

    We just went from win 7 to win 3.1 with the networking.

    Why don't we just fiddle with IRQs, DMA, and COM ports again?

    version 17, right? lol

    been using streaming boxes since WDTV

    been using KODI since early XBMC

    I built my second computer, a 486DX

    thanks for your support though

    Nothing works.

    I am not editing any files.

    You have you've reasons, but you've screwed things up where usability is concerned.

    I might as well drop streaming boxes as usability is going backwards.

    I can't see widows shares in widows WORKGROUP any more running Kodi/LE on a wetek play one.

    What would the share path look like doing it manually? smb://