Steamlink or GeForce Now in LibreELEC/Kodi?

  • Hey guys, not sure if this is even remotely possibly or even the right place.. but let´s give it a shot.

    I run LibreELEC with the latest Kodi installation on a Raspberry 4B (4 GB Model). Used Noobs to install while also running Raspbian on a seperate Partition. Very happy with the software and overall it´s running perfectly fine. I do wonder though if theres a possibility to run

    a) Steamlink as a LibreELEC / Kodi addon. I can run it from the Raspbian Desktop, but its highly inconvenient since the RPI i mostly used as a Kodi Box and controlled just via a Controller. Can i use a programm like AEL to run the steamlink code without switching to raspbian first?


    b) GeForce Now. I know there is a Linux version around. Is it possible to integrate it either in Raspbian or even more perfect in LibreELEC/ Kodi as an addon? Would make a dreambox come true.

    Thanks in advance to all of you.