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    Using a small Noctua with permanent overclock i can usually keep the temps in the low 50s, but since the latest update i noticed more frequent crashes and one time it got stuck while i was away only to be greeted with flashing temp warnings when i got back.

    Had this too a couple month ago, not sure what fixed it from memory but thats how it runs for me: Update the eeprom etc under libreelec settings. overclocked to 2.1 GHz / 750 MHz, 512 MB for GPU, overvoltage 7 (voids warranty), match refresh rate at start and end of video, get rid of apps running in the background (looking at you indigo), limit youtube to 1080p, netflix or other apps with heavy decoding to around 5MBps streams (no vp9). Enter the correct refresh rate for your setup. Now everything runs fine.


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    Yes! Was just waiting for your reply! I already tried with the snes9x and ran way much better. It has some sluttering but was playable. Seems like the power supply wasn't powerfull enought. I changed the power supply and now it runs perfectly on snes9x and now runs with slutter on kodi. You were able to run supermetroid on kodi without problem?

    So far everything is running perfectly in all aspects!

    Thanks to everyone!

    Hey. I can run SNES both in Retroarch and IAGL (Kodi) without any problems. Just noticed slighty better frametimes, not fps, in Super Metroid and F-Zero in IAGL/Kodi for some reason. I have the Raspberry overclocked but that should really not be of any importance for SNES emulation. Be sure to have all the latest Libreelec updates installed (9.2.1, eeprom etc)

    After excessive tests i would stay in kodi for 2D games. Frametimes are a teeny tiny bit better there for some reason. Even with the same core.

    If you use retroarch online updater to update cores you will get generic linux versions of them that are not optimized for RPi4... there is no repo for such update, thats why I included the core update in the addon settings, there you download the whole core pack from latest Lakka release for each device (RPi2, RPi4 and Generic).

    Understood. Can´t thank you enough. Stay physically fit. (the usual word is censored)

    If you update from a previous version the retroarch config file will not be updated to avoid custom config overwrite, so you have to swith to ozone manually but before doing so, you must update assets using retroarch online updater. That way it shouldn't crash.

    Also, there is a fix to solve LOCALE issue in emulationstation but just in Generic and RPi2/3, I can not make work ES in my RPi4.

    I see, thanks a lot. Also thx for not overwriting the config file.

    Will future core-updates be handled via kodi ("download core package in retroarch settings") or will it be possible to update within retroarch itself? Trying to update or download cores right now just gives me visual glitches and forces me to restart.

    Thx for the new update on Retroarch. Just a heads-up: For me it didn´t switch to ozone as a default after upgrading. Doing so manually did work, but starting any game or basically accessing any menu in ozone causes retroarch to crash. Had to switch back to xmb via the config file.

    RPI4/Libreelec. 9.2.1/Kodi 18.6

    That's pretty much handled by system.

    Just follow these "easy" steps:

    Provide Log File []


    First Option failed and i could only upload the crashlog:

    While trying to figure out a SSH connection via putty there actually was an update for the addon and now its working perfectly fine again. So yeah.. thx to whoever got that published! Sorry for the commotion here, problem solved.

    ( I also managed to finally update to 9.2.1 via manual settings)

    One last question before the thread vanishes to oblivion: In the crashlog the arm frequency is still at stock settings despite me having an overclock in place. In Raspbian the overclock applies.. is there an option to check this for libreelec? Is it a different config.txt than the one found in the /boot folder? Kinda surprised by this discovery.

    We prefer full and unedited, debug enabled log files, that are provided via a pastebin website, so that our forum server isn't "spammed" too much.

    FYI, LibreELEC v9.2.1 has recently come out.

    I don´t know how to do that or what a pastebin website is.

    I also have Libreelec set to automatic updates, i didnt update to 9.2.1 yet as it did with 9.2.0.

    Suddenly my Youtube Addon refused to play any videos. I have custom APIs, i can see my account and even the newest videos in my subscriptions.. but as soon i try to start watching something i only get the "youtube error - view logfile for more information" popup. I am far from being a coder so this wont help me a lot, i hope you guys can help me with this.

    I am on a Raspberry Pi 4, Libreelec 9.2.0 and Kodi 18.5. As far as i know no major changes happened since the addon worked fine aside from the Amazon VOD addon being installed. Deactivating it wont help though.

    Heres the log i found:

    2020-03-18 04:00:27.376 T:2342282096 NOTICE: [] Running: YouTube (6.7.0~alpha2) on Leia (Kodi-18.5) with Python 2.7.16

    Path: /special/new_uploaded_videos_tv/

    Params: {}

    2020-03-18 04:00:37.763 T:2342282096 NOTICE: [] Running: YouTube (6.7.0~alpha2) on Leia (Kodi-18.5) with Python 2.7.16

    Path: /play/

    Params: {'video_id': 'zYyhIMwBMAc'}

    2020-03-18 04:00:38.679 T:2342282096 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<--


    Error Type: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'>

    Error Contents: Extra data: line 1 column 7819 - line 1 column 21644 (char 7818 - 21643)

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 15, in <module>

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 60, in run, context)

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 33, in run

    results = provider.navigate(context)

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 99, in navigate

    result = method(context, re_match)

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 19, in wrapper

    return func(*args, **kwargs)

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 750, in on_play

    return yt_play.play_video(self, context)

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 50, in play_video

    video_streams = client.get_video_streams(context, video_id)

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 96, in get_video_streams

    video_streams = video_info.load_stream_infos(video_id, player_config, cookies)

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 505, in load_stream_infos

    return self._method_get_video_info(video_id, player_config, cookies)

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 712, in _method_get_video_info

    player_config = self.get_player_config(html)

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 573, in get_player_config


    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/json/", line 339, in loads

    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/json/", line 367, in decode

    ValueError: Extra data: line 1 column 7819 - line 1 column 21644 (char 7818 - 21643)

    -->End of Python script error report<--

    2020-03-18 04:00:38.875 T:3011641360 ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path [plugin://]

    2020-03-18 04:00:38.976 T:3011641360 NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::CloseFile()

    2020-03-18 04:00:38.980 T:2412393328 NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::OnExit()

    2020-03-18 04:00:38.980 T:2412393328 NOTICE: Closing stream player 1

    2020-03-18 04:00:38.980 T:2412393328 NOTICE: Waiting for audio thread to exit

    2020-03-18 04:00:38.995 T:3011641360 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: waiting for threads to exit

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.024 T:2382181232 NOTICE: thread end: CVideoPlayerAudio::OnExit()

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.024 T:2412393328 NOTICE: Closing audio device

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.077 T:2412393328 NOTICE: Deleting audio codec

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.078 T:2412393328 NOTICE: Closing stream player 2

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.078 T:2412393328 NOTICE: waiting for video thread to exit

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.093 T:2441761648 NOTICE: thread end: video_thread

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.095 T:2412393328 NOTICE: deleting video codec

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.120 T:3011641360 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: finished waiting

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.120 T:3011641360 NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::CloseFile()

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.120 T:3011641360 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: waiting for threads to exit

    2020-03-18 04:00:39.120 T:3011641360 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: finished waiting

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Hey guys, not sure if this is even remotely possibly or even the right place.. but let´s give it a shot.

    I run LibreELEC with the latest Kodi installation on a Raspberry 4B (4 GB Model). Used Noobs to install while also running Raspbian on a seperate Partition. Very happy with the software and overall it´s running perfectly fine. I do wonder though if theres a possibility to run

    a) Steamlink as a LibreELEC / Kodi addon. I can run it from the Raspbian Desktop, but its highly inconvenient since the RPI i mostly used as a Kodi Box and controlled just via a Controller. Can i use a programm like AEL to run the steamlink code without switching to raspbian first?


    b) GeForce Now. I know there is a Linux version around. Is it possible to integrate it either in Raspbian or even more perfect in LibreELEC/ Kodi as an addon? Would make a dreambox come true.

    Thanks in advance to all of you.

    So overall i am pretty happy with the performance of my RP4 with Retroarch as a Kodi addon. Even played some Conker with acceptable framerates. I still have two major issues though and hope you guys can help me. I can update the Core package from within Kodi (Retrocharch Settings), but if i try to update them while running Retroarch via the online updater, not only will it not update the cores but i also get some visual errors where it just redraws the menu without updating old frames until i restart the addon.

    The second problem is even more curious but maybe easier to solve. I can run Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast/Flycast Core) with around ~40fps at double the resolution and some optimized settings.. so i used those settings to establish some overide settings for this core. Somehow and somewhere i must have changed somthing important since every other game for dreamcast now just crashes directly back to kodi (with stock settings or crazy taxi override settings) . Even Crazy Taxi will crash until i load it with overrides again. Any ideas would beUpdate much appreciated.


    Update: Found a solution. For some reason some Dreamcast games don´t like automatically loaded savestates while HLE is disabled. It will just crash to Kodi while trying to load the state. Starting the game without savestates and loading them manually later solves the problem. So does enabling HLE.