v7.90.007 loses screen after selecting Hifiberry in audio output

  • I have a 5" touchscreen I'm trying to get to work. I initially had 7.02 running on RPi 1, without touchscreen support. To get that to work I followed another thread. It required going to Krypton so I upgraded to v7.90.007: the screen would work during boot (splashscreen) but then fade to white. It had worked on 7.02 and happened on a PC monitor as well, so it's not the cable/screen.

    Next I installed v7.90.007 clean. I changed config.txt to include the hifiberry overlay. It booted fine and the screen worked. I set up wifi and adjusted some other settings: still working great. I rebooted: still doing fine. Next I selected the ALSA/hifiberry DAC: as soon as I did, the screen faded to white again. Remote control (official iPhone app) is unresponsive, but I can ssh and samba in.

    Actually - the ssh and samba connections seemed to have died after a while. I then did a hard reset and it rebooted. The screen was working again, but the audio out had been changed. Setting it back to hifiberry, the screen went white again.

    Any ideas?

    RPi 1 B
    Amazon USB hub
    3.5" HDD
    Hifiberry DAC
    5" HDMI interface screen (see here; it shows up as D_WAV Scientific Co., Ltd on lsusb - HDMI for signal, USB for power and touch signals)

    EDIT: found kodi.log through samba - see here. Last message is to do with being unable to load skin settings.

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  • Okay - I started with a clean 7.90.007 install on a SD card and went through the motions.

    I first tried tvservice -s: it killed my ssh session. Nothing appears, no output, and hitting return or typing appears on the computer where I run the ssh from, but no response from the RPi. Nothing changes on the screen connected to RPi either. After a few minutes, still nothing so I quit ssh and started another session.

    The output of dmesg is here: [ 0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0 [ 0.000000] Linux version 4 - Pastebin.com

    And then I try vcgencmd get_throttled, like tvservice -s, I get nothing, no response, and a dead ssh session.

    With another ssh session, I could do tvservice -o and the screen slowly went dark. tvservice -p again gave me no response and a dead ssh session.

    Not sure if that's helpful at all!

    After the screen has faded through ssh can you report output of:
    vcgencmd get_throttled
    tvservice -s

  • Your system is obviously very broken. I'm suspecting power supply issues but it's hard to tell if it doesn't run long enough to get debug output.

    You have a few not standard devices. Can you try removing the HifiBerry and the wifi (and using the ethernet connection), and we'll try to debug the display.
    Report output of "tvservice -s" when the display blanks (if it still does).

  • Thanks popcornmix - I'll try and tinker over the weekend. Essentially start with minimal components and slowly build it up.

    The power supply is a 5V 4A wallwart that I split between the RPi and the USB hub. The screen and HDD are connected to the hub.

    What's odd is that it all works on 7.02. And it seems to work fine in 7.90.007 - until I select the hifiberry as output. At that point I lose the screen but Kodi is still up and running. Actually, I've never checked to see if I can play music (using the remote control app). I'll have to do that, too. If it plays, it suggests somewhere, somehow, the hdmi connect or screen setting is messed up, but the rest is running.

  • Interim update: I have a working kodi/libreelec 7.02 on the exact same system:
    tvservice -s
    state0x120006 [DVI DMT (87) RGB full 15:9], 800x480 @ 59.00Hz, progressive

    vcgencmd get_throttled

    dmesg is here: [ 0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0 [ 0.000000] Initializing cg - Pastebin.com

    And it plays music!

    For what it's worth, I edit config.txt with the following to enable the hifiberry and the screen:
    hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0

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  • Tried something else: fresh install of 7.90.007, set up wireless. Shutdown and reboot: get dmesg.

    Change audio output to 'analogue' option - system keeps running dmesg is unchanged.

    Next change audio output to 'alsa-hifiberry' - screen goes blank but system is still running. dmesg is still unchanged. tvservice -s doesn't give a response. It seems that somehow, changing audio output to alsa-hifiberry affects the screen but it is not reflected in dmesg. What other log can I use to see what happens?