Picture viewer flickers like mad before displaying a picture

  • On my Raspeberry PI 3 with kodi 9.2.0, the picture flickers like crazy when moving from one photo to the next. It just quickly alternates between display of the overview page containing all photos and the next photo, and the eventually settles on the photo after a second or so. It seems to happen with all skins that I tried. Thanks, Alain P.S. If this is a duplicate, sorry for it, search is currently broken unfortunately. P.P.S. White writing on white background, yeah, you came up with this :-(

  • AlainLux

    That log should have debugging enabled.

    It also show no activity whatsoever after LibreELEC/Kodi booted up.

    There is nothing to check.

  • But how do I enable debugging?

    After booting I went straight to the picture viewer, and viewed the first picture (... and experienced the bad flickering already at that point)