libreelec on raspi4 with networktools a rsync compatible server

  • Hi there,

    i want to use libreelec on a raspi4 as a rsync compatible server for synology hyperbackup. Is this possible and can some one explain it step by step how to do it????

    thanks a lot


  • yes it's possible to use rsync on LibreELEC, you typically have to use add the path to the rsync binary

    1. rsync -avn --rsync-path=/storage/.kodi/addons/ [email protected]:~/videos/ /tmp/videos/
  • okay, thanks so far, but what does that mean?????

    i snstalled the network tools, but i cant find it in userdata/Addon_data????

    i think i can do the code in ssh but what is the meaning and why /tmp/videos.....

    i'm looking for that quite a while in the internet, but i cant find exetly what i need. so if u could help me more clearly, that would be nice

    thank u very much

  • Addon binary code will be under /storage/.kodi/addons/name.of.addon as indicated clearly in the example that lrusak provided. I'm not sure how much clearer we can make it.

  • im soory i'm not a linux user at all, just a libreelec one, and i maybe want something, what i'm not able to do at all. Thats wha i m here. so if you want to help me a i really appreciate it. But i don't no nothing, so i have need step by step what to do....i installed networktools.

    i use libreelec 9.2 on a raspi. but i cant find /storage/.kodi/addons/name.of.addon. i guess the "name.of.addon" i suppose has to be "network tools" or "rsync"??? i found other addons at userdata/Addon_data. is this the place u mean????

    i maybe understand the first part of the code but what does "[email protected]:~/videos/ /tmp/videos/" do????


  • We are not a Synology NAS forum so how you configure Hyperbackup is not something we have experience with, but it's likely you need to configure the rsync command to use; in which case you will need to know where (after installing the network tools add-on) the binary is located. If you insist on looking in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/ you will not find it. If you look in /storage/.kodi/addons/ (as clearly show in post #2 and hinted again in post #4) you will find it. The rest is up to you.

  • well its now here like in the the synology forum: "we are not a libreelec forum" :(

    i didnt not ask how to set up hyperbackup, i asked how to set up libreelec to use it as a rsync server!!!! and still i dont find this path: /storage/.kodi/addons/

    but thanks for your help....i give it up

  • Try which rsync on your LE machine. If it returns nothing, then you haven't installed LE network addons correctly.

    From your Hyperbackup machine. As @lrusak mentions.

    rsync -avn --rsync-path=/storage/.kodi/addons/ [email protected]<IP of LE Machine>: <Source> <Destination>

    So it becomes...

    rsync -avn --rsync-path=/storage/.kodi/addons/ [email protected]: /storage/videos/ /NAS/videos/

  • thanks,

    "which rsync" returns the path u talking about, so i know rsync is installed right

    I think my backup setup is not quite well explained, so here it is :

    in the nas webview i can schedule a backupjob to a rsync compatible server. this suppose to be the libreelec and the backup should go on a usb hd attached at the libreelc.....

    if i understand u right, @lrusak code will do the sync job with my nas. but i dont need this because i manage the backupjob with the synology nas software application.

    problem: when i select the libreelec IP as the rsync compatible server, it will not be recognised as a rsync server. So i think the libreelec just installed with networktools does not appear/work in my network as a rsync what else do i have to do????

    i read some where that i have to start the "rsync service???" daemon????? by making a rsync.conf..... ????? where does this .conf has to be and what has to be inside..????