New media server

  • Hello guys,

    Just bought a second raspb,. Due to this i have to mount a server client model for my media contents.

    I running Libreelec on the server raspb4 with emby server, just installed and testing emby. On the second raspb3 i'm running osmc with emby-conn add on. What do you guys think of this?

    Should i go to plex, or stick with emby? Is the plex server and client it's easy to install on libreelec and osmc devices or should i use another distro?

    Also waiting for a QNAP and it's possible to run plex server and emby server on it.


  • The emby kodi addon (the one that integrates with the kodi database) works great. It feels like you're using the kodi database. Better than the official Plex addon imo (that one has a separate interface).