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    I'm having the same issue. Only sound from hmdi first port the one next to power source. No sound on the other. Seems like some configuration is needed from what I searched. Rpi4

    Yes i saw that e tried to run it but didn't work for my version. I already updated to v4 other way.

    Thanks anyway.

    Hello new here,

    After scrolling down 7 pages of this, some a little bit older, i ask, whats the best way to install plex server on libreelec? Use dockers, install directly, apt-get does not work. Does plex server comes as a add-on or i have to add a repo?

    Hello guys,

    Just bought a second raspb,. Due to this i have to mount a server client model for my media contents.

    I running Libreelec on the server raspb4 with emby server, just installed and testing emby. On the second raspb3 i'm running osmc with emby-conn add on. What do you guys think of this?

    Should i go to plex, or stick with emby? Is the plex server and client it's easy to install on libreelec and osmc devices or should i use another distro?

    Also waiting for a QNAP and it's possible to run plex server and emby server on it.



    Just installed emby for the first time on my rasp4 LibreELEC from some repos that i found online, but the version is a bit old (Version Does anyone know how to update this, or install the most recent one.

    Thank you