Please turn off captcha (Im not a ROBOT)

  • Every time i reload or klick a Link on this forum LibreELEC Forum this captcha asks me every 5 minutes if I am a robot.

    This is very disturbing, annoying and wastes my time.

    Can someone please turn off this captcha.

    Because I am NOT a ROBOT !!!


  • The only time I've ever seen people trigger this sort of behaviour - they have been routing their traffic through Tor - which causes GeoIP to change with abnormal groundspeed and this (and other abnormal behaviours) triggers the captcha. It's part of our anti-spam defence and it will not be turned off.

  • This forum is not so important that it gets spamped. Too small community.

    Even my bank lets me do online banking via TOR.

    Most other forums don't have a captcha either, and yet they're safe from spam.

    If someone wants to spam this forum, this ridiculous captcha will certainly not stop them.

    The only thing that does this captcha is, that users like me are looking for another forum without captcha.

    I don't think that's the point of a forum, it should be open to everyone.

    And, this captcha doesn't work properly, I'm not a spam and NOT A ROBOT.

  • This forum is not so important that it gets spamped. Too small community.

    Well, it seems to be very important for Chinese spammers. Guess why...

    I've seen many pages of pure spam here. Drastic protection is necessary.

    Yes, the community is small, but high quality.

    Flexin' vinyl, jammin' break beats. 8)

  • Seems kinda pushy and bold for some normal user to decide how important someone else's community is and make demands like that. Its their house and their rules so i would suggest you find a better way if its important for you to be here.

    Just my 2 cents and sorry for my blunt reply but you may want to rethink how you present yourself as this is a helpful and usually friendly environment the team try and create for everyone.

  • I use TOR to protect my privacy.

    This forum prevents me from doing so.


    To collect information about me and then sell it for profit?

    To analyze me and create a user profile?

    Why does this forum want my IP address?

    To trace me back and to find my place of residence?

    Why is this forum trying to create a canvas fingerprint of me?

    To find out what I do on the internet?

    Why I have to confirm my e-mail address?

    To make sure that this email actually belongs to my profile?

    This forum collects a lot of information about me and it can be misused.

    I do not want the information about me to be collected.

    Do I not have the right to do so?

    Its their house and their rules

    My privacy my rules.

  • If we turn our anti-spam defenses off to appease you (one user) we get overwhelmed fairly quickly by a ton of spam which pisses off all the moderators and staff of the project (many users) who support our userbase (several hundred thousand users). If we have to lose one user to keep everyone else happy .. sorry but we're not changing. This project is non-profit. This forum doesn't track anything. There are no advertising tools. /shrug

  • Just adding that these captchas are from Cloudflare.

    So if your Tor Node is used by some spammers and attacking a random site that is also "protected" by Cloudflare you get the "robot checks".

    You are basically using an IP that can't be trusted and is/was used by spammers, thats why you get the warning.

    Nothing we can do about it without lowering the "defense" of our servers.