Black Screen on Pause or Subtitles displayed when playing 4K/2160p (mkv/hevc/265) videos on Kodi with LibreELEC 9.2.0

  • Issue:

    Clicking "Pause" on currently playing 4K video will cause the screen to go black and will show the video media controls panel. Any media control button you click will not show the video playing while control panel is displayed. (example fast forward or chapters). When you click "Play" again. The video will play and you will hear the audio. But you will need to click the back button to leave the media control panel to remove black screen. Displaying the video again. This same issue happens when a video has subtitles. When a subtitle is displayed. The screen will go black displaying the subtitle and audio playing. Then after a second will display the video content again. Seems like only on 4K/2160p/HDR content I'm getting a overlay black screen with any

    This issue is only happen when I play 4K/2160p/HDR (mkv/hevc/265) videos on my Raspberry Pi 4 on Kodi running LibreELEC 9.2.0. Tested with other video content resolutions and file types. All passed testing and not showing black screen. I did not have this issue previously on prior versions of LibreELEC on my Raspberry Pi 4 with same configuration.


    Raspberry Pi 4 - config.txt

    # Set 'force_turbo=1' to disable dynamic overclocking and enable overclocking always.

    # Force HDMI even if unplugged or powered off

    # hdmi_force_hotplug=1










    # Doesn't sent initial active source message.

    # Avoids bringing CEC (enabled TV) out of standby and channel switch when

    # rebooting.



    Don't really know what player setting or interface issue on Kodi could be causing this. There isn't much in Kodi Expert within settings to adjust this.


    Any help on finding a resolution/fix would be greatly appreciated. Also, Thank You to the Libre team, Devs, support and community for everything! :)

  • Maybe LE runs out of memory when buffering such high resolution.

    I would try to reduce the refresh rate.

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  • Two comments:

    a) I don't see this behaviour myself with 4K HDR media. For reference my config.txt is here .. note I don't bother forcing the ability to output in [email protected] because I don't posess any 4k media that runs at 4k60 apart from test files and the "up to [email protected]" support covers [email protected] which works fine, and like all the ARM devices I posess, the GUI runs best at 1080p anyway.

    b) Development is focussed on the future GBM/V4L2 migration and moving away from the legacy 4.19 kernel and MMAL initial release compromise that's being used in LE 9.2 images, so even if there's a confirmed bug it's unlikely to be investigated and resolved.