Lcdproc is not working properly

  • Hi there

    I installed Lcdproc for my Imon lcd.

    The only thing that is displayed is "Welcome to LebreElec" and when exiting "Thanks for using LibreElec"

    Also, the display is not cleared when shutting down.

    You cannot set anything for the addon itself.

    How is that supposed to be?

  • If fuzzy memory serves right, there are two components required. The add-on in our repo connects Kodi to hardware, and the LCDproc add-on in the Kodi repo is used to configure what you want Kodi to put on the display.

  • Do you mean the addon XBMC LCDproc?

    I installed that.

    The desired one is now displayed.

    Unfortunately, what does not work is that the display is cleared on shutdown.