Thinking about moving from Kodi/Windows to LibreElec

  • Hi!

    Is there a way to migrate (or backup/export & restore/import) Kodi /Windows database if I'd like to start use LibreE?

    It'd be terrible job to scan my whole library - especially there is a lot of kids movies which cannot be automatically identified by scanner. Also from my side - there is a huge amount of TV-series which are important (which episodes are watched and which are not).

    Any good step by step guide? And btw... I have 2 different profiles at the moment in my current Win/Kodi enviroment.

  • Have a look in the kodi wiki / forum for 'library export' and the 'export to separate files' method.
    That will export .nfo files and artwork to your media folders.

    Do that in windows, and when you next scan in libreelec (or any kodi) you'll get back exactly what you exported.
    The only niggle with that is you might not want all those extras in your media folders, in which case you'll need to clean them afterwards.
    I use a media manager, which means I have all the info sat next to my files anyway.

  • I've never exported a library so I'm not sure what prompts you get. It's certainly possible to include watched status in an .nfo file, and I'll be surprised if you're not given the option.
    As a belt and braces you can back up watched status with this addon:

    Edit: If you want to be 100% safe just keep a copy of your videoxx.db file from kodi windows (the one where xx is the highest number). That has your watched info inside; if everything goes horribly wrong it's possible, if maybe fiddly, to get it back from that.
    If your sources are still in the same places (ie same folder arrangements) you could even use the old library on libreelec - with path substitutions in an advancedsettings.xml file.

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  • Watched states are written to the NFOs. The only thing which has to be done is to add this:


    to the advancedsettings.xml before importing the library again. That´s already in the link I send above. See point no. 5 "Watched Status".

    where it stores xml-files?

    As it was already said, those files are NFO files then. You will only get a XML file if you export to a single file.

    Those NFOs are stored next to the movie file and will have the exact name as the movie file (except of it´s extension). For example, if the movie is Alien.mkv, the NFO will be called Alien.nfo.

    That´s why it´s recommended to have each movie in its own folder matching the moviename. If you don´t have that and have all movies in one folder, you will get a mess of files in that folder ;)