RPI4 - 1GB - LibreElec 9.2.0 - No Sound

  • Hello all,

    I purchased a RPI4B 1GB with RPI PowerBrick and RPI4 hdmi cable. I installed LibreElec 9.2.0, with default settings, and connected to my AMP, first a Sony amp and later a DENON amp. On both my RPI3B+ works 100%. However, when I connect my RPI4B I get video but no sound. I then connected the Pi durectly to my Samsung Smart TV and still get no sound. I have tried both hdmi ports and still nothing. I also installed Raspian and rand raspi-config and set audio to auto, as well as HDMI and tried playing a MP3 file, still no sound. Not sure what else to try. Any guidance will be much appreciated.

  • If you see the same problem on multiple OS it's likely to be a hardware problem, either something physical in your setup or a faulty board (rare but not unheard of). HDMI should be connected to the port nearest the USB C power connector .. and you need to share a Kodi debug log.