Audio issue with LibreELEC

  • Hi all,

    Some backstory first:

    I got this box from amazon ( Android TV BOX,T95 MAX Android 9.0 TV BOX 2GB RAM: Electronics - T95 MAX Android )

    Instead of running the android OS that came with it (i don't really trust Chinese firmware), I'm running LibreELEC from the sdcard.

    It's an allwinner H6 cpu so I used an image from the nightly builds that is for the H6. The image was not built for this specific box but it works just fine!

    The problem I am having is that the audio randomly stops working for a couple of seconds. Then it returns to normal. This happens at random times with no obvious logic.

    Before using this box, I was running OSMC from a RPi. It was ok until at one point it also showed similar issues - I assumed it was due to some python scripts I was running on the RPi for some home automation so I didn't look into that any further.

    I also used the same box on another TV and the audio works just fine - no issues at all! I even stressed test the device and still it performed flawlessly.

    So what I tested so far:

    I changed HDMI cables and the power adaptor but still the problem seem to be appearing on one specific tv only!

    I even switched the audio device from one of the other available ALSA devices (the allwinner one and the "LG" one which is my TV)

    I disabled passthrough

    I changed the audio channels from 2.0 to 5.1 (I read somewhere that it might help)

    Also I noticed that even when I'm not playing any media and just browsing the kodi UI the audio also stops for a couple of seconds and then it comes back again.

    So based on the above evidence I think this is due to my tv and not the box, not the media file. I would like some guidance though.

    My log is here: hastebin - Up to the point i copied the log file, the audio cuts happened at least 5-6 times.

    I replaced the name of the actual video file and renamed it to 'filaname.mkv' as the name of the file does not matter.

    Any guidance, help or suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    P.S I also posted this on two weeks ago with no responses.

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  • Ok just tested it. Still it has the same issues. I'm trying now the default kodi that came with the box (running on android) and it seems to work just fine with no audio drops. But that goes through android instead of linux. Also i dont have CEC through the android box which is essential. Any more ideas or things for me to try out?

  • which image are you using? Anyway, without having box here it's hard to fix things. Does CEC work on LE? It should...

    P.S.: It might be also Kodi issue, it's in pre-alpha state.

  • I'm using the H6 allwinner image - the one for the Tanix boxes (even though my box is not a tanix one). I'm testing all of the nightly builds as they become available.

    CEC does work on the H6 nightly images.

    Also the same images do work on other tv on this specific box. So i don't think it's a kodi issue. Just a combination of my TV that might have been missed out or something.