Need help on bluetooth

  • Hi,

    i installed libreelec on pi4, all is working ...

    I need help on bluetooth pairing

    When i connect my librelec (pi 4) on my bluetooth speaker, connected is ok

    Now if i want to play music or video i don't have sound (even if my speaker is paired and connected)

    Please advise me

    Best regards

  • Did you also select the proper audio output device in the System Audio section of the Kodi GUI? This does not happen automatically.

  • I have the same problem as the original poster ..

    Just installed Libreelec on a Pi 4 .. trying to output audio through bluetooth.

    In my case the receiving device is another Pi 3B running Balena Sound as a bluetooth receiver works with my Android phone but not Libreelec on the pi 4 ..

    I connect with the deice through Kodi and have the reassuring doorbell sound through the speakers .. so it connects ..

    Audio out is set as Pulse/Bluetooth ..

    But no sound for music or films ..

    Any advice??

    pactl list short sinks | pastebinit

    returns the following:

    1. bluez_sink.B8_27_EB_E1_3F_44.a2dp_sink module-bluez5-device.c s16le 2ch 44100Hz SUSPENDED

    Also see attached kodi.log ..

    Does anyone have a suggestion?


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