9.2.0 on RPi 4: Audio glitch on broken DVB-T2 recording

  • Hi folks,

    sorry for lots of posts now - I have replaced my Le Potato by Raspberry Pi 4 recently and have several issues, which I think make sense to put into seperate threads. This one: I record TV shows from DVB-T2 using WinTV dualHD USB stick. It happens that I get data errors (I currently suspect high load issues that also cause the UI freeze reported earlier). When I then playback and the data error is encountered, image is shortly distorted, but recovers. However, audio is then off by a few seconds to the video. Sometimes (but not always) playback changes speed and image and audio get back in sync (after several seconds), but more often the offset remains.

    I can provide example video on demand.



  • I uploaded an example for a broken video file here:


    [Edit: removed file - please PM me if someone is going to pick up the issue]

    Go to 7:19 and let it play. At around 7:20 the glitch happens, and after that audio timing is off. When you start playing directly at, say, 7:25, everything is OK. Other players tested (CoreELEC on Le Potato, VLC on Windows) get over the data error with grace - a short interruption, and then video and audio continue just fine.

    Would be happy if someone could confirm (or better: fix :)) the problem.

    I will not have the file online for too long, since I suppose I may violate copyright (although the same show is freely available via ZDF mediathek...)

    Thanks for taking care!


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