RPi4 Audio drops

  • Hello,

    I have recently upgraded from RPi2 with OSMC to RPi4 2GB with latest stable LibreELEC (installed through Linux installer). I have activated all updates in LibreELEC and as well updated the RPi4 firmwares through LibreELEC menu. I have a LAN connection, wifi and bluetooth are disabled.

    I use Kodi mostly for audio streaming from my NAS with my 2.0 stereo system (analog, will be Hifiberry - I bought the wrong case and the Hifiberry does not fit :-( So currently it is just plugged to the 3.5 mm jack.

    I also use video playback, both streaming from the internet or my NAS.

    When playing audio I have regularly very short audio drops every couple of seconds. I have tried different settings - audio setting to analog only or analog and hdmi; activating and deactivating audio passthrough. The device shows no indications of network isseus (and I do not believe this is an issue because video streaming works).

    Has nayone an idea what I could try?



  • same for me here, with audio_pwm_mode=1 I get dropouts, without sound is distorted with analog audio.

  • Has anybody here an idea that might help?

    I thought that it might be possible to increase a buffer size (I never had this issue with my old RPi2 with much less RAM, but still ...). But I am new to LibreELEC and I do not know how to increase the streaming buffer to make use of the 2 GB capacity - and I assume this is taken care of during installation anyway.

  • ISTR the default audio player (paplayer) doesn't do any additional caching (like the video player).

    You can tell kodi to use the video player to play audio files, then it'll use the video cache and you can tweak it's settings if needed.

    eg create /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml with the following contents:

    1. <advancedsettings>
    2. <audio>
    3. <defaultplayer>VideoPlayer</defaultplayer>
    4. </audio>
    5. <cache>
    6. <buffermode>1</buffermode>
    7. <readfactor>10</readfactor>
    8. </cache>
    9. </advancedsettings>

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  • I have noticed that the audio drops are only occuring in the normal setup and analog output sound. When I switch to HDMI sound there are no drops.

    My setup however is: HDMI --> TV/5.1 audio system for movies; analog --> stereo audio system

    As I am using audio only more often than video, I would like to keep this setup.

    I have not found a solution yet ...

    Kind regards