Kodi restarts everytime at 11th second of a video, but doesn't restart if Logging is enabled

  • Hello!

    I have Librelec 9.0.2 on RPI Model 3B+ (v1.3)


    When a particular video is played, at about 11th second, Kodi restarts. If I play the video again, at that 11 second mark, kodi(Librelec) OS restarts again. If I forward it to say 20th second it plays fine.

    So I went and enabled Logging after which it's not restarting for the same video. But if I disable the logging, it restarts again at that 11th second for that video. I tried it multiple times with enabling/disabling the loggin, but same results.

    Log has only one error

    1. ERROR: CMMALVideo::Open : Video codec unknown: ad

    Codec of the video : https://imgur.com/hvb2qxn

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  • We prefer the whole log file, puzzles with one piece are hard to solve.

    Also provide the kodi.old.log file, should you play the video and Kodi freezes/crashes/etc.

    Do use a pastebin website like hastebin when providing log files.

    I'm guessing that there is a "flat spot" in your video file, where Kodi stumbles for some reason.