LibreElec 9.2 crashes while suspending

  • Hi,

    I'm using LibreElec generic x86_64 on a rather old Asus Eee Box EB1501P. I updated from LibreELEC v9.02 to v9.2. Now LibreElec is crashing allmost everytime it is going to standby. This means that screen wents black but the PC is still running (power LED is on, fan is running etc.). A wakeup is not possible, only powering off works

    With LibreELEC v9.02 I had no issue. After having problems with v9.2 I also tested the betas. Same problem with v9.2 Beta1 and Beta2.

    The EB1501 is using a nvidia ion chipset GPU.

    This is the kodi.old.log:

    Additional information: First attempt to suspend was successful at 18:53 with wake up at 18:54. But the second attempt at 18:55 led to a crash.

    And the output of dmesg:


  • Have you already applied the setting to force the use of the older "legacy" Nvidia drivers, instead of "latest" ?

    (The later ones cause hangs and crashes upon sleep/resume cycle with older Nvidia video hardware)

    Both sets of Nvidia drivers are included in the LibreELEC install - the udev rule simply activates the legacy ones in preference to latest.

    Having a htpc with a GT520 myself, going into suspend freezes my machine.

    Try enforcing the legacy Nvidia video driver

    1. wget -O /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/96-nvidia.rules

    It has solved the suspend problem on my machine, and so far I haven't noticed any video performance problems. The actual problem is hard to tackle so far.

  • Just tried the rule for the legacy driver but unfortunately the pc is still freezing. Before it was at least every second time and with the rule it took five tries. Maybe the legacy driver was an improvement but I think it was only by chance.