What version of libreelec is appropriate for this mystery android tv box?

  • Long story short... We have an Amazon overstock near me and it was $2 for anything today. I bought a box containing (from the label) a Guanzhi Android TV box 4k HD 2.4g WiFi HDMI Ethernet. I presume it's a clone box, but for $2 why not learn a bit more and try something different than my usual setup?

    Upon bootup it was on Android 6.0.1 1gb RAM and processor was unknown according to Android.

    It came preinstalled with Kodi 16.1 and in there I was able to determine the following:

    GPU = Mali-400 MP

    CPU = ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)

    Hardware = sun8i

    What i would like to do is run Libreelec on here as I strictly only would use it for Kodi. How do I go about wiping this thing? What version of Libreelec is needed? Thanks so much in advance!

  • as I strictly only would use it for Kodi with Seren and RD.

    That is at least one add-on that provides illegal video streams. It's pretty ignorant when you are still mentioning it when visiting our forum while the forum rules (which you accepted) clearly state that LibreELEC and Team Kodi don't want anything to do with such add-ons. It's like visiting a police station with illegal products on your person.

    We are not in the habit of supporting every 'noname' Android box coming from the Chinese parts of this globe.

    Android 6.0 should give you Kodi directly via the Google Store, I'd start with that.

  • Why would you even bother trying to run illegal addons? There has been so much work put in LE / Kodi to get genuine video services like amazon prime and netflix working, so much effort to get adaptive streaming and widevine running. you wanna waste all that effort with some shitty add-on?

    just get a decent supported device, dont be cheap and subscribe to your favourite streaming provider, and you're all set. you can even get something x86 with a bluray drive, buy second hand bluray's, then you've got yourself dirt cheap high quality content.