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    Do yourself a favour, throw away the 32bit efi crap devices. I had a couple of these devices, even a very expensive industrial grade device. If it doesnt work it doesnt work. 32bit efi is just a nasty way of crippling an otherwise perfectly fine 64bit cpu. A way for the industry to limit use of potentional usefull hardware to next to nothing.

    Especially the intel cherry trail devices often come with 32bit efi, those cheap little plastic chinese boxes with sub par cooling. My humble opinion: save a little more and get yourself something better, like intel n3700 or j5005 devices, from a well known brand (with decent cooling).

    would you mind sharing what is needed to get netflix working on kodi? Im sick of having to jump between my tv and the kodi setup

    Go to the Kodi forum -> video add-on section. There you will find the unofficial netflix repository stuff.Remember that all video decoding on linux is done in software, so you need more then a little device to get 1080p working (just found out myself. Runs great on my core i5 mediacenter. a low end atom x5 however...)

    Are there any noticeable performance or feature benefits in updating to LE 9.0.0?

    I'm currently running "8.2.3.-GUI-options" OC'ed on a C2.

    inputstream adaptive, drm, netflix and amazon vod support are the most important reasons for me. Finally a good way to watch netflix (1:1 pixelmapping, framerate switching, hq decoding, fast interface). LE 9 / Kodi 18 was for me the reason to finally get a netflix subscription. Just works out of the box, no need to tweak funky patches, just download a few add-ons and you're ready.

    S912 is now working on mainline linux kernels using the "panfrost" open-source alternative to the non-existent ARM mali blob and balbes150 has a testing image available via his K18 release thread for the curious to look at. Panfrost is still under fluid development and it's not stable enough for real-world use yet; there are memory leaks so you can play video but navigating around in the GUI eventually triggers OOM crashes. It's making rapid progress though, and is attracting lots of known names from the Linux graphics community who are helping to move things forwards (even ARM's open-source group are engaged) so in the next couple of months we should reach a point where issues are resolved or reduced enough for proper public testing to start.

    It is beyond my comprehension how one would be able to develop an opensource linux gpu driver. Is this all done without cooperation from ARM? As i try to imagine, one should need some tech docs, documentation to start "writing" the code? I keep being amazed how much hardcore programmers are still out there trying to achieve great things.

    Am i right to conclude that the current available LE images for s912 are all based on the android driver on lybhybris?

    And finally, if im not overwelcoming my stay :) , it's great to hear that s912 development on opensource gpu driver is on its way. I also read that rockchip LE , what years back was unimaginable, now is fully supported on rk3399 and rk3328. If i might ask chewitt , at this point in time, would you go the s912 route or choose the more powerfull rk3399 rock64pro solution?

    I also have not read about development on s912 for a while . The last thing i read over about a year ago is that there was no descent driver and library for linux. How have things gone since then? What was said back then is that there was no for the mali-t820 in the s912. efforts to get LE ported included using the android driver + library, which back then resulted in an generic "do-not-buy" advice for the s912. Is this still the case? Or has the appropriate driver and library become available? The advice used to be, when going the amlogic route, buy s905 duo to proper software support.

    given that your internal android is already overwritten, it does not hurt to run installtointernal again.

    It tried it twice. I can boot le fine from sd card, ssh into in, installtointernal, looks allright, no errors, but the box refuses to boot from internal flash. Also when i boot le from sd card and then choose reboot from internal (and remove the sd card), the screen just stays black.

    I'm running this build on an mxq pro 4k, s905 with realtek wifi, 1gb ram, 8gb flash. Running from sd card works fine. I wish to run LE from internal flash. After installtointernal everything seems to go well and i get no error messages. But after a reboot the box wont boot from internal flash (screen stays black). When i power off the device and insert the sd card it again boots LE fine. Is there anything i can try or do to get this box to boot from internal flash?

    It seems the remote of my MXIII s802 1g/8g isn't working anymore. With and withour lirc enabled. usb keybaord works fine, so i can "control" the box. Any toughts on this? I spend a lot of time getting the box to run LE again. Needed to reflash stock android over otg, then flash 5.95.something openelec, and upgrade that to LE 8.2. Everything seems to work except ir remote.

    I was under the impression that general rockchip support was awfull, being availability of drivers and other resources. Just as it was on a lot of other soc brands (allwinner , mediatek...) Has this changed?

    32bit efi / uefi support for LE

    seems your device has 64bit efi ? I can confirm the pipo x7 isnt working. Neither is the spo-comm nano. For tablet pc's, the toshiba 7"cherry trail and onda v80 both have 32bit efi. I also encounterd cherry trail laptops with 32bit efi, even from well known brands. Cheap "netbooks" with 2gb ram and 32bit win10. Intel compute stick also has this limitation.

    Well, this has become a nice mess; after upgrading to latest stable, my mce remote generates at least double keystrokes with every key pressed. Also the remote from my pana tv suddenly seems to work, although no hdmi cec devices are listed as input devices, so nothing to disable there.

    My setup: htpc (1st gen i5 w. gt1030) on pda-v100hd with 42" pana ips. hdmi -> spdif splitter between htpc and pda-v100hd.

    As an extra treat, dts passtrough isnt working anymore. I was always able to have the hdmi output for normal and passtrough use. Now on passtrough only ac-3 works, no dts. Could this have something to do with the gt1030 being all that new?

    I would stay away from them cheap atom boxes. These are the so called "cherry trail" intel cpu's, and have given me a fair amount of headache. These are often shipped with 32bit uefi firmware. So altough the cpu has nice specs and has native 64bit support, because of the 32bit uefi, you will never likely to be able to boot 64bit LE , or other software. There are various attempts made, but nothing really ever was there to stay. I got rid of all 32bit uefi hardware; in the end wasnt worth the misery. These boxes normally run 32bit windows (10).

    Hurray! Got me a "working" gt1030 setup, with the LE "extended" beta version. Needed to force the nvidia driver as mentioned before, system boot time is also as mentioned pretty long, but the system runs. Even gpu temps are shown. "normal" h.264 live tv playback is fine. no hevc hardware decoding.

    For those like me, who just tought the 1030 card would work out of the blue, and to find out it doesnt, this solution is enough to bridge to gap until stable LE builds with stable nvidia drivers are released.

    And yes i know, i should have read and search the forum first before buying the gt1030 ;-)

    I am unable to find the LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.0-devel-20170216 build; i just got the gt1030 in now am unable to use it. Where would one download this beta release? Seems LE has no archive to browse through. Can anyone help me get this build?


    If you had configured the box with network and enabled ssh before upgrading to 8.0.2, then you should try ssh to the box. There was an issue when going from OE6 or LE7 to LE8 where the display goes blank, basically Kodi 17 hangs.

    The solution for that was to ssh to the box and move .kodi to .kodi.old and reboot

    Thanks, going to give that a try.

    We will see. It the mean time i tried to flash 8.0.2 with .nocompat . My s802 box now wont boot anymore. It shows the bootlogo and after that the hdmi port wont output any signal. Now i have to reinvent how to unbrick the box; it was a long time ago when i did it (from android to LE). Seems i needed some amlogic bootfiles on usb/sd along with a zip file.... Maybe when i get the time to do this i can write it down and make a thread for it, so that others can read it, somekind of "first flash / unbrick" tutorial.... Or does this also already exist and i'm really that ignorant :)