Full ipv6 support in LibreElec

  • Hi,

    I don't really know where to ask but will LE 10 be fully ipv6 compatible with official support about it ?

    With connman on LE9 i can't set a private stable address (rfc7217).

    Thank you

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    No plans, and I doubt that will change until one of the core team swaps to an ISP that forces them to use IPv6 .. or until a user with an IPv6 connection and some dev skills starts to poke around and sort things out and sends us some PRs. Until then IPv6 support "is what it is" .. which is largely untested and thus likely to be not implemented correctly or complete.

  • Should work, I've got a working static ipv6 address configured on my LE9 box.

    connmanctl config ethernet_<ID>_cable ipv6 manual <your fixed ipv6 address> 64 <your link local ipv6 gateway address>

    The 64 is the prefix length, you can change this to something else. My provider gives me 56 as prefix, but that gives me way to many ipv6 addresses to use on my LAN so I used 64 instead.

    Don't forget to edit ip6tables if you have the firewall enabled. The build in firewall only sets ip4tables because ipv6 is not officially supported, so you have to do it manually.

    Best to see if you get it working with the firewall disabled first.

  • Thank you for your help.

    But this is a manual address set up, meaning if prefix is changed by the provider it will not work anymore untill I re-change manually my address to fit the correct prefix.

    Am I right ?

  • Yes you are correct. The current implementation of connman doesn't allow you to set up stateless address auto configuration (SLAAC). The 'auto' setting which should enable SLAAC or DHCPv6 only gives you a link local address. Same for the settings regarding ipv6 in the interface. They don't correctly set a fixed ipv6 address.

    The only way I found to get it working is to manually set a fixed ipv6 address with connmanctl in terminal. My provider sometimes changes the WAN prefix and then I have to manually change it on my LE box. So yes, this is far from ideal, but it only happens like ones in 6 months. I can live with that.

    Basically the ISP's should not have to change it because there are more then enough ipv6 addresses for everybody, so keeping it fixed all the time would save us a lot of hassle, but it probably is because they use DHCP-PD to assign ipv6 prefixes to their customers and you just get auto assigned a free one out of the pool.

    My guess is that SLAAC doesnt work correctly because of the version of conmann used in LE. I'm not sure what version LE uses, but there were bugs with ipv6 and SLAAC in older connman versions. I haven't looked into it any further since I use port forwards on my LE box, so I really need a fixed IP instead of a SLAAC config.

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    LE runs the current/latest connman release. I'd guess the reason IPv6 support upstream is much the same as ours .. until developers are forced to use IPv6 connections it remains largely uncharted territory. If you ping "wagi" in the #connman IRC channel on freenode he'll be happy to take constructive feedback on what's missing. He's familiar with LE .. we've collaborated on a number of things in recent years.