Why complete logs?

  • Newbie Question, sorry.

    Why complete logs, do not have private information that is available to the whole community?

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  • Staying on the legal side has priority before privacy. We don't want logs, that have been edited to hide illegal add-on usage. And sometimes we simply need the whole story to identify a bug.

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  • The reason is quite simple: more often than not the actual error is way before what users think the errors is. eg. video playback may crash if some setup at the very beginning (audio devices, video driver setup etc) went wrong. If users then just post the snipped where eg video playback crashed it's completely useless as it doesn't contain the important information for developers - the context.

    Don't worry too much about "private" stuff, passwords etc are usually automatically redacted in kodi logs so no one will know about them. And knowing that your NAS is at won't give anyone access to it either.

    If you are worried that your log shows "playing XXX_hardcore_porn_from_torrent_site.mkv" then, well, rename that file to something harmless before.

    Anyways, if in doubt do a clean installation (which doesn't contain any possible private info), play files from local harddrives with harmless names, and don't install tons of addons. Then you have nothing to worry about and both you and devs know that it's not one of the odd addons or config settings that's causing your problems.

    TL;DR Most important thing to know is that cut down or redacted logs will be simply ignored by devs - so if you want support post full logs. Cutting down or redacting logs is wasted time, no one will look at them.

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  • Ok, thanks for the explanations.

    I came from an htpc with intel and nvidia, although it was old everything worked fine, now I made the leap to the RPI4 for size, consumption and hardware compatible with h265 and even menu navigation is not fluid, another thing that I also think is not very good is the image quality, compared to another source reading the same video file and the same image settings.

    I think I made the wrong purchase...

    Raspberry Pi4 2GB LibreELEC

  • Re: Your Purchase Decision.

    It may be too soon to tell...

    There is still a long way to go to maximise the efficiency, performance, full function and quality (audio / video) from the RPi4 but the work and achievement so far by all at the RPi Foundation, Kodi, TVHeadend and especially everyone at LibreElec is astonishing and much appreciated.

    Every few weeks there is another step forward.

    I will be amazed if the quality does not improve further over the coming weeks and months as further updates are released.

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