GUI resolution IntelNUC stuck at 4K

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to have an IntelNUC output 1080P to a 4K TV?

    All my options in LibreELEC are greyed out.


  • systemctl stop kodi

    nano /storage/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml

    find and edit videoscreen.screenmode to contain <setting id="videoscreen.screenmode">0192001080060.00000pstd</setting>

    find and remove any content in videoscreen.whitelist, e.g. should look like <setting id="videoscreen.whitelist"></setting>

    save and exit


    As long as the device presents [email protected] modes, it should now be the desktop resolution. This should all be selectable in the GUI anyway.. but without debug logs and such there's no way to guess why not.

  • Everything just has default next to it at the moment.

    <setting id="videoscreen.resolution" default="true">16</setting>

    <setting id="videoscreen.screen" default="true">0</setting>

    <setting id="videoscreen.screenmode" default="true">DESKTOP</setting>

    <setting id="videoscreen.stereoscopicmode" default="true">0</setting>

    <setting id="videoscreen.whitelist" default="true"></setting>

  • chewitt thanks for the guide.

    I have a similiar problem with my NUC. At some point i have set LE to the 4k resolution of my TV and realized than that this is totally pointless.

    But it is not possible for me to go back to 1080p via the GUI. When i set the Kodi resolution to 1080p the screen gets blank till it goes back to 4k.

    I will try if that fixes my problem.


    Unfortunately not working for me. I think i will have to reinstall LE.

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  • If your 4K tv has special HDR settings you may have to turn that off as we have experienced black screen issues with that before.

    otherwise I would recommend ssh and using the xrandr tool to change resolutions if the screen is blank.

  • You are correct that solves the issue that i can not switch to 1080p, but if i turn the "enhanced" HDMI Mode back on the Screen goes black again with Full HD.

  • I did have HDR enabled on my LG OLED but after disabling it all the video output options were still greyed out. Deleting gui.xml made no difference, full fresh install made no difference.

    Have an amlogic 912 box on its way so think I will just get rid of this intelNUC

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