RC6 remote short range issues

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    I just installed the latest version of libreelec on my Intel NUC7CJYH, I turned on the ir receiver in bios and my HP MCE RC6 remote works great, all buttons doing as they should and on/off working perfectly too, the only issue I have is that after I get about 6-8 feet away from the box it doesn't pick up the signal. Unfortunately my sofa is about 10 feet away from the box, I installed new batteries in the remote but I have to keep standing up to get closer to the machine for the remote to work. Is there anything that I can do to fix this issue and make the remote work from further away? Or could it be the remote itself that is faulty? Thanks in advance,


  • Hi, thanks for your reply, I updated the BIOS but unfortunately the problem still exists, it did mention somewhere in the notes about MCE remotes but didn't help my issue unfortunately.

  • It doesn't sounds like an LE problem, because it works on low distance.

    Buy an USB IR receiver, which has been approved to work with Kodi (do research before you buy). This could help to establish a stronger IR connection, especially if you plug it in at the front of the NUC. Switch the internal IR receiver off on EFI settings, when using the USB solution.

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