Fresh x86 install detects wifi and connects through setup wizard, however on reboot does not connect

  • Fresh install (LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.0.2.img.gz) with no changes made other than hostname.

    Wifi detection works & connects to AP through setup wizard, however when you reboot it does not connect & you have to manually try and connect at least twice before it will work. Also enabled the option to wait for network but this times out.

    Hardware - Intel Baytrail Z3736F, rtl8723bs WIFI/Bluetooth, dm9621a NIC


    Updated to Beta 1 & 2 and same issue.

    Thanks in advance for assistance.

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  • Bump to 9.1.502 and retest. It has newer kernel/drivers/firmware which may resolve the issue, and even if you found the issue on 9.0.2 we're not going to put the fix in that release (there is no plan for 9.0.3 release).

  • Hey Chewitt,

    Did a fresh install earlier in the week still seems to be the same with wifi, having to manually click connect to join access point after reboot.

    Ethernet is now detected in 9.1.502 but intermittent, requires to be set to disabled when next booting and then enabled in order to get a DHCP address to avoid APIPA address. Its almost like Librelec boots so fast that the ethernet is not detected correctly

    Amazing work so far as this never used to work at all on the Pipo x7s, have tried this custom build from piotrasd in the past which didn't have the connection issues but was based on Libreelec 8.

  • Code
    1. echo "sleep 10" > /storage/.config/ && chmod +x /storage/.config/

    ^ run that and see what happens. The script is run at the very start of userspace boot and will stall everything for 10 seconds. Kernel side loading should continue though, and I'm wondering if it's just a case of slow loading kernel drivers.

  • Hi thanks for the suggestion, implemented code but it didnt fix the issue, however when I disable / enable the ethernet I get two devices :-S

    Wifi no difference still works but need to manually connect

    Happy to try anything else or provide more logs