PI4 - freeze on scrolling lists

  • This one becomes a bit annoying ("complaining wife error"): If you scroll down (or up) a list of Films or Series or Episode on the PI4, it freezes totally after some (random of course) time.

    It happens with different skins, it is fairly reproducable (you dont know WHEN, but it surely WILL happen sooner or later) and the only "solution" ist to powercycle the device.

    I have already trained wife NOT to scroll, but to "search" for the film / series. But sometimes it is already enough to click down to season (select one) and to episode level to kill the box.

    We have several Libreelec boxes here, all with the same settings / files / databases / addons. Pi2, Pi3, Rock PI4 and a Banana Pi 4, no problem. This only happens on the new Pi 4.

    Has anybody else notices this behaviour.

    Yeah I know about the logfiles. but they dont survive the reset...

    Additional Infos: There is NO problem with Power Supply or Overheating! The Device is actively cooled and CPU Temp does never get higher than 51°. The Powersupply is the orginal PI4 type.

    Other HW: Sony TV, Onkyo AV Receiver, VU+ SAT Box. The PI4 is connected to the AV Receiver and controled by an own IR Receiver. No CEC enabled on the PI.

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  • i have a similar/same GUI freezing problem

    Pi4B 4GB + Sony TV + LibreElec 9.1.501, controlled via CEC (SonyTv Remote Control), Video out 1080p 60Hz, Audio via HDMI + tvheadend 4.2.x service with Tevii S662 DVB-S/S2

    but i observe this freeze in different use cases,

    1. browsing EPG Guide - mostly not waiting complete GUI refresh when sending next remote actions

    2. switching between Tv channels, when switching too fast/often

    3. sometimes, switching to a TV channel, i can hear audio but screen remains in kodi blue

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  • I also have a similar problem.
    Menu navigation is not fluid…

    PI4 2GB RAM


    Samsung MicroSD EVO Plus UHS-I 64GB

    Raspberry Pi4 2GB LibreELEC

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  • I come from an old hardware htpc, intel dual core, but I never noticed the problems I now face with PI4.

    I'm no expert on the matter, but for what I was reading here in the forum trying to understand what can be…

    I think this is the term used,video judder and stuttering.

    What I could identify with me was as follows,

    With the hardware acceleration- MMAL activated, movie files or movie streaming all works fine, but the navigation from menus have the issues above.

    With the hardware acceleration- MMAL disabled, is the reverse of what I said above.

    With MMAL disabled whatching movies is visible that one CPU core is running 100-115% and the others CPU cores are idle.

    Raspberry Pi4 2GB LibreELEC

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  • I am having the same issue. Playing movies is no problem. Moving around the list of movies or tv shows it hangs for 10 to 30 seconds.