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    This one becomes a bit annoying ("complaining wife error"): If you scroll down (or up) a list of Films or Series or Episode on the PI4, it freezes totally after some (random of course) time.

    It happens with different skins, it is fairly reproducable (you dont know WHEN, but it surely WILL happen sooner or later) and the only "solution" ist to powercycle the device.

    I have already trained wife NOT to scroll, but to "search" for the film / series. But sometimes it is already enough to click down to season (select one) and to episode level to kill the box.

    We have several Libreelec boxes here, all with the same settings / files / databases / addons. Pi2, Pi3, Rock PI4 and a Banana Pi 4, no problem. This only happens on the new Pi 4.

    Has anybody else notices this behaviour.

    Yeah I know about the logfiles. but they dont survive the reset...

    Additional Infos: There is NO problem with Power Supply or Overheating! The Device is actively cooled and CPU Temp does never get higher than 51°. The Powersupply is the orginal PI4 type.

    Other HW: Sony TV, Onkyo AV Receiver, VU+ SAT Box. The PI4 is connected to the AV Receiver and controled by an own IR Receiver. No CEC enabled on the PI.

    Your problem seems to me like a result from a bad copy to eMMC.

    You have just dubbed the (already running) SD card I guess, this wont work, because each card gets a different ID. Therefor the mount on the next boot from eMMC will fail.

    What you need to do is to use the orginal image (that one that does autoexpand on the first powerup) and flash it onto the eMMC ON A DIFFERENT Computer! Do not run the image yet, just copy it with a PC or something. You may need that cheap eMMC->SD adapter board for this.

    After the copy insert the eMMC, fire up the Rock, let the filesystems expand (and create a unique ID and mountpoint).

    (This only needs to be done ONCE for the initial install. Updates afterwards can be installed the usual way and wont harm that config anymore)

    Hi Folks!

    I just bought me some Rock Pi 4s to replace the old Raspberries here running Librelec.

    So far, it looks good, even 4k films can be played (sometimes :-) )

    But I have noticed that Audio Passthrough to an external Amp really does not work with the Rock :-(

    Only static noise comes out of the Speakers (I've learned it the hard way last night, very late already.... bad karma...)

    The Amp does not recognise any Dolby Digital or DTS Frames, instead it keeps on playing PCM, which explains the evil noise fairly well.

    I found this thread, read it and hoped, there will be a solution, at least somebody is working on it right now.

    But, I cannot make head or tails out of it, one says "yes", others say "no", one points to the "nightly" or "development" image (I've tried it right now, still no go :-( )

    So, at the end I feel quite lost.

    a) is this problem known ?

    b) does somebody work on it already?

    c) if the answers are "no" what is the best place to report it???

    We don't support auto-restore from backup on first boot (and have no plans to add it) but in LE 9.0 the first selection on the first-run wizard is a language chooser .. which might help.

    not this does not really help. The whole following wizzard is too much for the old and lazy people here, no matter what language it is in.

    But ok, I've already thought that there would be no easy way, then I will create one for myself somehow.

    But you've set "on the first boot"... is there a way "on the 2nd boot" ? ? ?

    I mean, I could give them the new box/card, let them boot up and close the wizard and then put a tar file somewhere over the net.

    The question is "where" and how this tar needs to be constructed...


    I am deploying quite a lot LibreElecs on Raspis for the neighborhood.

    Therefor I have created a "master config", made a backup and if somebody install this, everything is fine (ok, not everything, libreelec tends to set its own hostname, but my dhcp server is stronger and overwrites those duplicates).

    The problem is that if you give them an SD Card with the image and the tar file, they have to do quite a lot steps (in the wrong language, with the wrong skin and so on) until they are able to restore the tar file from the /flash folder. And most of them do not speak english at all. So usually I have them hanging on the phone/chat soon after they've got the new SD Card and inserted it.

    Is there a simple way to automate this?

    Of course, I could find a way to create my own image which includes the settings / addons that I need, but I like to stick with the "stock image" and keep my stuff seperated. (but I also do want to stop those evil phonecalls "What do I have to click next ?"

    I've tried to put the tar remotely into the "update" folder, but it is rejected ("no kernel found..."). Thats ok, but it was worth a try ^^

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    Please take a look at your mail server configuration.

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