Libreelec on Cherry Trail Z8350 and no sound chtnau8824

  • Good afternoon, I installed LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.1.501 on the Charry Trail netbook Intel Atom X8350, everything works except for sound, aplay -l view and HDMI and chtnau8824, kodi sees it too, but the sound does not go through the code or from the console, ucm files are available, on ubuntu 19.04 the sound works immediately, through alsamixer I see the settings and sound levels, but there is no sound itself.There are some additional sound modules on ubuntu, but they are not in Libreelec. and I can not find them in linux.x86_64.conf

    What logs can I provide?

    Have any ideas? =) Please Help)||

  • I found out that when loading the sound parameters did not apply or something was wrong, since
    Alsamixer does not show the necessary settings After command "alsaucm -c chtnau8824
    set _verb HiFi set _disdev Speaker" s
    ettings in alsamixer appeared, and the sound


    The sound in Kodi is severely distorted, goes hoarse and interrupted.

    Sound through the console with the aplay command works PERFECTLY

    Sound in PPSSPP works PERFECTLY

    The sound in RETROARCH works PERFECTLY

    On Ubuntu 19.04 Sound in Kodi works perfectly

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  • Find that Kodi not see

    m_sampleRates and m_channels

  • I resoled problem by:

    systemctl stop kodi

    pactl load-module module-udev-detect

    systemctl start kodi

    Sound working perfect, but i see "pulseaudio default bluetooth" as default sound


    sount via alsa in other apps not working.....need reboot =(

    How can i combine this drivers& =(

  • Hey, I have a tablet with the same problem, I dont understand how did you fix it. Also, I have the same problem with Lakka (latest nightlies are LE based), so I dont have sound.