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    Hey, I have a tablet with the same problem, I dont understand how did you fix it. Also, I have the same problem with Lakka (latest nightlies are LE based), so I dont have sound.

    Damn, I need help. My box is MXIII (S802 2GB) Some time ago managed to install Remix and LibreElec 8.2.3 (S82 build, worked great), then started to play with Lakka 2.1.1 S82 and decided to install to nand. All good. Now, months later, I want to try "again" LibreElec 8.2.3 and I cant for the life of my boot from SD nor Pendrive. Flashed the IMG, put "" and "remote.conf", and cant boot with the damn toothpick. If I use a SD card, it says filesystem corrupted, and if I use pendrive, it goes to recovery or boots directly to Lakka.

    Could someone describe the exact and precise process to boot again from SD or Pendrive?

    I also want to try 9.0... but fisrt 8.2.3


    Im sorry but I already tried RemiX 115K4 on my Tronsmart MXIII 2GB RAM / 8GB ROM and I never managed to boot from SD/Pendrive. This is strange as hell.

    Thanks for the feedback. This info is now in OP


    Also fyi these images are for amlogic S802/S812 stop trying to boot them on rk3229, @Jeffers& @ochentay4

    I know, some guy asked and I answered, but Im trying to make it work on my Tronsmart MXIII 2G. So far I coulndt manage yet to do it. I just managed to install this: Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) working on S89 (s802) - and will try to boot LibreElec S82 from SD/Pendrive again to see if it works.

    I have a MXQ 4K 16GB/2GB which is pretty useless with it's original firmware very slow. Did you flash yours with LibreELEC are you able to point me in right direction regards LibreELEC, DTB and remote .rtf versions to install on it?

    MXQ 4K (rockchip chip with 1GB RAM) I have is absolutely different from my Tronsmart MXIII (Amlogic S802 2GB RAM) that I'm trying to flash with LibreElec/Lakka. Dont mix up! MXQ 4K will probably never get a LibreElec release and the post I made about updating it was about upgrading original ROM with an updated one that has less bugs.

    Ok, not trying to get my hand holded, but some links or orientation wouldnt be bad.
    I already made an USB-A to USB-A to flash a terrible MXQ 4K and made a tutorial on other places on how to flash the device, so I have "some" experience, but, as of today, I couldnt even start with the Tronsmart MXIII.
    Ok. Will download and test AMBurn and some roms.

    As a general guide on these boxes:

    Search and research before you mess with it

    Always try to boot the correct image for your device, if not failure is quarantined

    If sdcard fails to boot try a usb stick

    If Usb fails to boot try flashing a newer bootloader as S812 have.

    Ok. Boot from USB also dont work. Could you or someone tell me what bootloader could I try and how to flash it?

    I'm sorry but I cant figure out how to install or boot from sd to use LibreElec or Lakka on my MXIII. Cant find the info on the wiki, or the forums. I really need help and maybe a sticky should be made for newbies. Please help and/or point me to the right direction!

    All I know from the info I gathered around that my device is a Tronsmart MXIII 2G running firmware "Tronsmart MXIII_115k4_20150603", and I should use S82 builds. But cant for the life of me figure out how to boot from SD or install to nand.

    EDIT: Downloaded LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.3-S82.img, flashed it with Etcher, tried to boot from SD with toothpick and the box shows Filesystem corruption detected. Did the same with Lakka-S8X2.S82.arm-2.1.img, and screen stays black. I really dont know what is going wrong.