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    Regarding ROM, yes, I flashed, crossflashed, reflashed the device MANY times looking for a usable ROM, be a modded ROM, a ROM from other device (newer), Lakka, LibreElec, etc. Didnt know this could damage in any way ethernet.

    Regarding SD card, it was just a reflashed 2GB crappy SD card, as internal installation of LibreElec got me wifi broken and couldnt access the device anymore, so decided to start fresh.

    Will do the following if ok, will reflash original Tronsmart ROM, and use a new 32GB SD Card so I can send you dmesg again. Is this good?

    No, I would like to thank you and wish you enjoyable and trouble-free use. ;)

    Experience shows that the n200 image is also perfect for k200 devices. Do you know what kind of wifi chip is in your box?

    Ok, image seems to work nicely on Netxeon M82_V4.0_20141106 device (Tronsmart MXIII 2G/8GB Wifi 6330). Wifi worked correctly, funny enough, ethernet did not, cant get ip from DHCP (triple checked connections). Ethernet chip is H1601NL (1502-XG). Any fix you can think of?

    I also managed to installtointernal, I like it. If I could get ethernet working Im golden.

    Hi, love this project. Is Tronsmart MXIII 2GB/8GB (K200) going to be supported anytime soon?

    I'm trying to do a Libreelec 10 build with the legacy kernel and @knaersche patches.

    Now I understand why the developers chose to switch to mainline code and remove proprietary software support :).

    It took me a while to get kodi up and running (mali blobs works only with some glibc and kernel builds only with gcc 8).

    But at this moment, it's the only way to get my box working 100%, so I decided to give it a try and eventually share my results :).

    Hi! Im a little confused, I've been using this and it worked somewhat fine: LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427220805-b7186bc-rk3229-v884k
    Was going to download on of yours that were updated but cant find them or dont know which is compatible. Any help?

    ochentay4 Thanks for the image, I checked the device tree fabiobassa extracted and the dram timings are the very same as those for the v88 4k board. You may try that one to get much better performance.

    I also checked out the configuration of the wifi and it appears to be the same as the other device with the esp8089 chip, so this is a step forward to add support to libreelec.

    I hope knaerzche comes here around soon to merge the necessary patches, which should be quite easy.

    Great! looking forward to a new build with this changes integrated (and kodi updated!). I have even played remuxed blu ray isos over network with almost no caching/stuttering. Hope something comes out soon! Thank you!

    You may also share the original firmware image if you have one. Sharing just the first 20 megabytes of the firmware would be much better. Don't forget to make a zip/rar/gzip of it.

    Remote should already work, you probably need to configure the key bindings: there are some useful posts about configuring rk3228 remotes in the rockchip forum section, but you can also use the procedure for amlogic or any other device.

    About the esp8089 wifi, I added support for that in armbian and it works, but I had no chance to test it personally and it is based upon one user experience, so the device tree could be terribly useful for this also.

    I dont know how to resize the image. Here is a working link of the original IMG:

    I would love to try a build with esp8089 wifi enabled. Let me know how can I help. I know that MANY has this same box so this could be useful.

    Thanks. Sadly I cant/wont do it myself as I dont know anything about linux and dont have another pc to try it. Will wait till someone builds it.
    About my device, what do I have to do so I can have wifi and correct device settings like ram timings so you can put it on the project? Right now, thanks to your project, device has a purpose, but I find it incomplete without the remote, wifi, and probably wrong ram speeds.

    sirmagus your device probably needs a different dram-configuration ... as a save start you could also try the tx2 image where the default settings are in. if it doesn't work either: Try to extract current device tree from android or link to a working android firmware image.

    Any instructions how to extract device tree from Android? I'm struggling with this and Im trying to colaborate a little on this project.

    Hey guys, I have an OTT MXQ 4K (not Pro) device with these specs (real and verified by me with my camera):

    • RK3229 CBBKM43012 1552 CPU
    • SanDisk P553072141 SDTNRGAMA-008G CP0813618 NAND
    • Pulse H1102NL 1549-M ETH
    • Espressif ESP8089 05215 P27X03 WiFi
    • Board name T066-V1
    • Firmware MXQ-4K_ota_20160308

    -Do I have to get *any* file from Android to get remote working?

    -Is a new release on the horizon? Latest is from April 2020 and I saw many commits on github, including Kodi 18.8.

    -What could be the correct image to test? Thanks!

    Fantastic project by the way!!!

    EDIT1: Ok, I tested "LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427221002-b7186bc-rk3229-v88mars.img.gz" It worked, booted fine, had ethernet but no WIFI, 1080p was somewhat good. Now which one to test? This box is DDR3 and the firmware I tried DDR2.

    EDIT2: I tried to play a movie 1080p remux bluray (30gb) from smb network (wired at 100mbps) and I encountered stutters and constant buffering. Main PC is a monster and work fine on Rpi3. Any ideas?

    EDIT3: Tested "LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427220805-b7186bc-rk3229-v884k.img.gz" now no stuttering or buffering at 1080p, speed is fast! Even tried a 4K HEVC Remux file (60GB!!) and it worked somewhat fine, incredible!! But when I fast forwarded the video box resetted itself. Also still no WIFI. Im starting to think that Espressif ESP8089 is not supported at all on any release. Is there something I can do to help to get it working?

    EDIT4: Temp is 208ºF (98ºC) when playing videos, is that reading correct? Holy crap!

    Hey, I have a tablet with the same problem, I dont understand how did you fix it. Also, I have the same problem with Lakka (latest nightlies are LE based), so I dont have sound.

    Damn, I need help. My box is MXIII (S802 2GB) Some time ago managed to install Remix and LibreElec 8.2.3 (S82 build, worked great), then started to play with Lakka 2.1.1 S82 and decided to install to nand. All good. Now, months later, I want to try "again" LibreElec 8.2.3 and I cant for the life of my boot from SD nor Pendrive. Flashed the IMG, put "" and "remote.conf", and cant boot with the damn toothpick. If I use a SD card, it says filesystem corrupted, and if I use pendrive, it goes to recovery or boots directly to Lakka.

    Could someone describe the exact and precise process to boot again from SD or Pendrive?

    I also want to try 9.0... but fisrt 8.2.3