Trying to get ROCKpro64 media box to work - SATA driver problems?

  • Hello all!

    I purchased a ROCKpro64, one of their handy NAS cases and a PCIe SATA card.

    Combining all of the above results in a very expensive SBC that can't see the SATA disk. I found a vague reference to the stock PCIe card being contentious, so I replaced that, but no go - same symptoms.

    The hardware WORKS - when I load up, say, Ubuntu, there is a 9.1TB /dev/sda that I can and did newfs without issues.

    But LibreElec (multiple builds for the ROCKpro64) all refuse to see the SATA disk.

    I'd just use a USB to SATA converter, but there are no INTERNAL USB ports and I don't want an external cluster **** of cables - that was the ENTIRE point of this exercise - a SINGLE box with all my media that works off of 12VDC for my RV like thing far away from the clutches of the internet..

    The output of:


    ... can be found here: libreelec_sata_missing -

    My sincere thanks for any thoughts about why this device which SEEMS very nice on paper isn't working the way I would expect it too?