Update from beta release to stable

  • Hi all,

    Just after a little advise.

    Is it easy enough to update from a beta release to a stable or is it worth me waiting for le9.2 official release.

    Reason I ask is because I'm wanting a little more horse power than my current raspberry pi setup as I also do a lot of retro gaming on my setup.

    So I've decided to treat myself to a new computer and donate my old as a dedicated htpc.

    The problem is that is one of them amd raven ridge apu's and has caused me problems with Linux until recent.

    I always had to use fedora due to that os being bleeding edge, until recent. Ubuntu 18.4.3 also works fine now but there kernel is now on 5.0.x

    Through my trial and error and many different Linux distributions it only really became fully stable at kernel 5.

    It appears le9.2 beta is kernel 5.1.x but 9.1 stable is 4.19

    So I would like to avoid le9.1 if possible as I no it will probably cause problems.

    Thanks in advance