picture freeze

  • I hope there is a solution to the problem

    Immediately apologize for my English, my native language is Russian, English I know is not enough to write texts, so I use a translator. But I can read.

    The crux of the problems: Under viewing streaming video (usually this IPTV) is happening freeze images, breath continues to work. To watch the video on you have to stop watching and start it again.

    If the stream is periodically buffered and the stream is unstable, then image freezes occur often, if the stream is good then this happens rarely (but sometimes, it happened that the image hung when playing from the Samba server located at home).

    I tested alpha versions and nightly builds for RockChip rk3328 (Rock64 2Gb and z28 2Gb), nightly builds for AllWinner H3 (Orane Pi PC). All devices are connected by cable. Everywhere there is a hang image.

    Can anyone tell me the reason. In the subject RockChip've seen people with the same problem.

    Note that the full freeze does not occur, freezes only the image of the video being played.

  • Added a Log with image freezing during TV viewing