Live TV via DVB-T2/HEVC with bad signal quality is problematic

  • I just installed the most recent 9.1.501 for RPi 4 and test with a Hauppauge WinTV dualHD. It works well enough with good signal, but if the signal quality is bad and the stream has errors, things get nasty. A data glitch causes all kinds of follow up problems - I've had the following issues at times (meaning: very often, but not always the same):

    • Picture slows down like slo-mo video, while audio continues at normal speed.
    • Audio goes quiet, while picture goes on normal
    • Picture and audio freeze - channel switch recovers
    • Picture and audio run on at normal speed, but out of sync by seconds
    • Very rerely the player crashes and only reboot helps

    All this is with German DVB-T2, i.e. HEVC encoded transport stream.

    Not sure how I can help with troubleshooting - is there a way to collect debug information for such an issue?