Using ICC profiles with Libreelec

  • Hello,

    I have LibreELEC 8.1.5 (I had video decoding issues with the most recent version I tried) running on a Liva X2. I also have a ColorMunki Photo. I just created an ICC profile for my television, and I would like to use it with my aforementioned Kodi box. The text when you enable color management claims to support "display profiles or 3D LUTs " (I thought an ICC profile was a 3D LUT?). I don't know if display profiles means ICC or something else, but the only type of file I am given the option to provide is a 3D LUT. The Color Management Mode setting is greyed-out. I am not permitted to select a file with the .ICC file extension.

    I have done due diligence searching the internet, and am now quite confused. Can I use an ICC profile with LibreELEC? Can I convert an ICC profile into a supported 3D LUT?