Pi4 on the way... quick q or two...

  • So other than the HDMI thing (kind of forgot what it was, think an enable or something... remind me plz ?) that needs to go in config.txt

    Is there anything else that, for a standard setup... needs to / probably should be done outside of setting up the SD ?


    I also remember reading something somewhere about that config file not being so easy to edit bec it's a mounted file or some such thing ?

  • For a standard setup: no.

    Editing the config.txt file is best done via SSH, and using the 'nano' editor, if you indeed need to make changes or have additions to it.

    You will need to make the system partition writable first, as it is read-only by default. Instructions for that can be found online.

  • Quite familiar with nano. For anyone else curious about editing config.txt

    Raspberry Pi Config.txt [LibreELEC.wiki]

    Now regarding the HDMI enable thing. Since I guess this is a teaching how to fish or you forgot to answer. Took a quick min to find.

    Anyway. Turns out the HDMI enable thing in config.txt for the rPi 4 was this: hdmi_enable_4k=1

    But best I found. That's only for I think, what, live TV because of the higher frame rates or something ?

    Bec. I did notice that I was able to play 4k the other day. Not live though.

    *** Dont have that kind of setup but would love to feed a roof antenna if I can for local stations if someone can help with that, let alone tell me if that's even possible on an rPi. ***

    Also, regarding the HDMI thing, I haven't tried it bec I don't have a spare cable let alone a micro adapter.

    Does the 2nd port work OOB on the rPi 4 with the first one also in use ?

    Possible enagame to eliminate a second rPi 4 I'd rather not buy, is to just get a long enough HDMI to attach to the 2nd port on the rPi 4 and run it to the living room TV from the rPi 4 in my bedroom.


  • Does the 2nd port work OOB on the rPi 4 with the first one also in use ?

    I've installed Raspbian and it works as a dual monitor setup (different monitors). There is a tiny bit of lag when using two monitors, but that also happens on my Nvidia pc.

    Using dual monitors with LibreELEC should work as long as the resolution on both monitors is identical, Kodi only supports clone mode. I haven't tested my RPi4 running LE and 2 monitors yet.

  • What kind of lag, like enough to just do an inline split from the first port ?

    Not looking to try and watch two diff kinds of content at the same time. Just what TV depends on where I want to sit.

    But ya, same res.

    Oh, and clone mode ?

    Also I've seen dual monitor setups on PCS before. They always seem seamless in gaming unless it has something to do with that SLI or whatever it is.

  • What kind of lag... A couple of fps, probably. It's not always visible. Either the cpu or gpu (or both) needs to work harder when 2 monitors are connected.

    Clone mode: screen 2 is copied from screen 1