Add FM Terestrial Radio

  • hi all,

    i love listening to local radio and in india most station dont have a straight forward weblink that could be embedded.

    so while going through the Elektor magazine, i ran in to this -> FM Radio with RDS | Elektor Magazine

    Could we add this to Kodi. Also developer has put some links and methods to add to Volumio..

    it would be nice to use the FM radio from one place.<3

  • Your simplest option is to buy a cheap DVB-T (T2) USB dongle or RPi HAT if you have an RPi. Then use something like Tvheadend server to connect the channels and then use Tvheadend client (Both available in the LE addons) to play the music.

    There is a specific Kodi Addon Here but requires a specific (RTL2832 based DVB tuner). May or may not work on LE.