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    just a thought, if its not working another option is to Solder a IR receiver Declare that in confing.txt and use the IR library ( if matching remote found ) else create your own file.

    This is what i did for my Just Boom IR remote, as i use a JustBoom Amp Hat it was not possible to set a few things via CEC ( i dont rember now what it was ).

    There is a documentation for the same ie to use your custom remote. Just need a RC5 / NEC receiver and equivalent remote.

    How To Configure JustBoom IR Remote With LIRC • JustBoom

    Infrared Remotes []

    It's 5am here so I haven't tested actual audio playback from 13.2.3 (iPhone 8) but 1x RPi4 (9.2.0) and 2x VIM devices (10.0 pre-alpa dev images) show up as selectable AirPlay targets on the phone so I don't think there's a general problem with AirPlay. Time to try "turning it off and on again" .. on both sides.

    Hey Chewitt,

    I tested the KODI after wifi router reboot and it works like nothing was wrong, appologies for a anxiety filled post...



    HI Chewitt,

    Story so far,

    1) Couldnt make it work on Moode Audio

    2) Kodi failed, ( i came here and posted the issue ). I did do a reboot for both cards.. and generally i just switch them on when i am using it, else it is switched off.

    yesterday after i reached home i rebooted my wifi router and Moode audio started to get detected on my Iphone 6s and 6s+ and importantly i was able to play. *(earlier it was not shown as a Airplay Speaker.)

    Today i will swap the memory card on my RPI 3b and see if airplay works with Kodi again.

    I hope it was Fuzzy " Mi Router " that needed a reboot and nothing else.

    I have iphone 6s , until recently i was able play music on my Rpi using LibreElec, But today when i tried to do airplay, I couldnt see the Airplay ( RPI ). Is this a bug on my end or Apple has finally done some thing which prevents shairport to work.

    both iphone and Pi3b are on same wifi Network.

    iOS version - 13.2.3

    LibreElec - 9.0.2

    hi all,

    i love listening to local radio and in india most station dont have a straight forward weblink that could be embedded.

    so while going through the Elektor magazine, i ran in to this -> FM Radio with RDS | Elektor Magazine

    Could we add this to Kodi. Also developer has put some links and methods to add to Volumio..

    it would be nice to use the FM radio from one place.<3

    I am facing some sort of crackling sound and then it’s followed by loud white noise.

    I am using amphat on rpi3b.
    This has happend on home screen and on Netflix add on. At random, and after restart it works fine. But will happen again.

    didn’t happen in 17

    I need hardware based decoding for netflix so i thought of odroid N2 as it has these fetures.

    currently my rpi3b heats up ( thermo meter on screen ) while watch netflix with 720P resolution.

    Also i was interested in a dual device such that it would work as andriod (pubg and other meda app) and kodi through different storage.

    so is that that Odriod doesnt have i2s headers. if it has then i can just wire it ( create a dedicated middle pcb or flex cable ) seprately and use it.

    Hi Hias,

    how are you, I have added a small heatsink but after may be 2 episodes the pi gets hot...

    Since i am using the JustBoom amp, and Justboom Case for the same there isnt much space to fit a fan.

    just saying ....if i could get a 3d case drawing if the Just boom case then it would be easier to get a extension done and 3d print it.

    I am enjoying my Netflix in India... on the Kodi raspberry pi setup...

    i had one question in mind... if i use Tinkerboard s, then would the Justboom amp hat still work the same with Kodi ...

    Also i wanted to know if there were any addons which would like like a nice music player UI such that i could play all songs from a album and a Equiliser.. i asked since when i play music directly from kodi , it doesnt sound as good as it does when played through Moode audio or Volumio..

    what do you sugguest if i just have Rpi and amphat and i want to use it for both music and kodi.



    Hi Hias,

    Thanks for the up update, I have made the changes that are suggested above and i am enjoying it. Sorry for a very late reply been busy with work.

    i want to know something that when i watch Netflix i see few many times the thermometer icon in the top right corner of my screen. Why.

    i am facing issue with detection ( is not seen in audio setting, only regular out put sources are seen) of Justboom amphat on my raspberrypi 3b

    it seems to have started after the last update. currently i have 8.95.3 and i am using justboom ir remote with ir sensor on pin 25.

    and when the justboom amphat is not detected the audio gets routed to hdmi. I have also put the amphat setting in config.txt file.

    i feel this has happened after update, earlier beta was working fine. I have installed volumio and moode audio to check if my justboom amphat was bad but it seems to work fine.


    if you need any logs please give me steps so i can provide them, i am a noob.

    thank you in advance for all the help