Bluetooth air mouse stops working ocationally

  • Several times per day my Air Mouse Stops Working. Had Windows 10 before on my Minix and the same air mouse was working fine. I have to restart my device in order to make air mouse working again. Tried with USB hub and without. Removing and inserting USB receiver back doesn't help. Removing and inserting air mouse batteries back doesn't help.

    Considering to reinstall Windows back and remove LibreElec if the problem persists.

    Please find more details bellow. Ask me if you need more info.

    Device: Minix Neo z64-w

    LibreElec: 9.0.2 Generic.x86_64

    Inputs: Air mouse only (link).

    Output: HDMI

    Error logs:,, (not sure if logs are correct as I can see only time since I restarted device after the issue happened)

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  • Sorry, Maybe I wrong, but it comes with usb receiver so I assumed it is bluetooth like every wireless mouse/keyboard, see the picture bellow.

    Amazon link is the exactly item I brought and use.

    After my air mouse stopped working again I disconnected it and connected wired keyboard just to check if LibreElec responses or not. Unfortunately it was not responding. It looks like the entire os stopped working. So long pressing RESET button required.
    I made few more logs after every crash and restart.

    See the new logs bellow:

  • Any lack to find the problem?

    Does anyone else uses the air mouse?

    Can u confirm air mouses are compatible with LibreElec, otherwise I'm switching OS as I cannot watch my TV with this OS?