Hyperion hypercon problem no green and white lights

  • I have installed my hyperion from hypercon on my raspberry pi 4 4gb.

    When I open an blue or red image the led

    Lights are working. When I open green or white the lights stay off.

    With hypercon ssh on my laptop I can turn on the green and white light. Also the greend and white lights working with my app on my smartphone.

    Could somebody please help me what the issue is?

    Is thus issue about libreelec or rpi 4 itself?

    Ws2801 led strip 118leds

    5v 15a power supply for led strip

    Original power supply for rpi 4

  • If you downloaded hypercon from the hyperion website and used that to install hyperion you are running the wrong version.

    In that case try to remove whatever hypercon changed on the LibreELEC installation (or just start with a fresh LibreELEC installation, that might be easier) and install hyperion from the LibreELEC addon repository - that'll be the correct version to use.

    You can then use hypercon from here Hypercon [LibreELEC.wiki] to configure hyperion on LibreELEC.

    Read also here for more information: Hyperion [LibreELEC.wiki]

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  • Hi,

    I also try that one with an fresh installation of libreelec, but the same problem. Could be the problem in the pi self?

    Many thanks

  • This is very odd. Just did a test here with white, green, blue and red images and it looks fine (RPi4 with Arduino/Adalight).

    Could you do a test with this hyperion addon? service.hyperion-9.1.901.112.zip

    I fixed screenshot grabbing not working on the command line so you can check if the dispmanx grabber works. ssh in and then run

    hyperion-dispmanx --width 320 --height 180 --screenshot

    This will save a 320x180 pixel screenshot to "screenshot.png" in the current directory. Copy that over to your PC and verify that it's matching what you have on screen (especially the colors).

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  • I installed the addon by usb stick. After that I changed my config file for: dtparam=spi=on

    Then I put my json files in folder configfiles.

    After reboot the rpi4 no rainbow effect. So I decided to install hyperion by hypercon but also no result.

    So I went to my addons and disabled the hyperion addon. Then reboot the rpi4 again and I saw the rainbow.

    But again no working green pictures and white. It is working only by colorwheel in hypercon and smartphone.

    I also put the code in putty with ssh but I did not get an screenshot.

    So, could we say that the rpi4 board that I have is not okay?

  • If you manually install hyperion-config.json you need to copy it to .kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.hyperion/hyperion.config.json, NOT .config. Or use the LibreELEC hypercon version (from our wiki) to do that, using "Send Config" in the ssh tab.

    Without the config file in place hyperion won't start.

    So far it looks like you are still running the official hyperion version and this one seem to have problems with LibreELEC and the RPi4. There's probably nothing wrong with your RPi4.

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  • So I need to install the hyperion addon and add the text to config file right? Dtpsram=spi=on

    After that I need to place the hyperion json files in which map/folder?

    Normally I navigate to my rpi from browser like:

    //ip adres.

    Then I see folders like configfiles, userdata, pictures and more.

  • Yes, exactly. I highly recommend using hypercon (the LibreELEC version) to manage hyperion config, that's a lot easier.

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  • As I already wrote use multiple times use hypercon for that. Go to ssh tab, connect, choose your hyperion.config.json with "Local Config Path" and click on "Send Config". Then reboot so hyperion picks up the file.

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  • Hi,

    I did a fresh install. Then I installed the hyperion addon. After that I added the text to config.txt

    After that I connect via ssh with hypercon from the libreelec site. Local config path and after that I sent the config.

    When I reboot the pi I see the rainbow swirl. When I open then image with red and blue picture the lights show thet color. But still not green and white.

    I really did what you say to me. But I do not know what the problem could be. When I connect my rpi3 everything works well.

    So what could be the problem?

  • Yes, you need to do that with putty. It might be easiest if you change to the "pictures" directory first, then you can simply grab and view the screenshot.png via the "Pictures" share on your PC:

    cd pictures
    hyperion-dispmanx --width 320 --height 180 --screenshot

    Then repeat the hyperion-dispmanx (just press "cursor-up" to recall it, then return) while you view different pictures on your RPi and check the screenshot.png on your PC.

    While you're at it it would be good to grab some info about your system. Please run the following commands and post the URLs:

    journalctl -a | paste
    paste /flash/config.txt
    paste /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log
    paste /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.hyperion/hyperion.config.json

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  • Hi buddy,

    I did all the steps. When I do this:

    1. cd pictures
    2. hyperion-dispmanx --width 320 --height 180 --screenshot

    I see in the map PICTURES on my laptop the color of the picture. Red Blue and green. But green is still not working with the leds.

    After step 2 I did also the other 4 steps and here are the links what was made:





    I hope you could help me and find the problem or solution. I am still thinking that the board is not good but I am not sure.

    Waiting on your message.

    Many thanks

  • The journal shows that hyperion can't connect to Kodi. Please change the kodi check address in your hyperion config from to

    In addition to that you may also need to enable "Allow remote control from applications on other systems" in Settings->Services->Control (IIRC older kodi versions had a bug that even local connections to didn't work unless this was enabled - could well be that this has been resolved, though).

    so long,


  • Hi buddy,

    thanks for your messages. I made the changes and steps you wrote to me. But still problem with the green and white color. After a long proces I decided to sent back the rpi4 to the shop where I bought it. I think there is an problem with the pi self and not other things.

    I want to thank you for all your time.


  • Hias,

    I am thinking to buy again and rpi4 4gb because the other one I sent back.

    Could you test on the rpi4 if your green and white lights is turning on with an image test? To test the image you should put the images in the map pictures by your rpi ip address

    Here are the images to test:


    If green and white is working then I will buy an new one.

    Waiting for your reply.