RPi4 1GB + LibreElec 9.1.002 + Hyperion Lights = no lights

  • Hello,

    i have a problem to get my hyperion lights up and running:

    Hardware setup is:

    RPi4 1GB - Armor case with 40x40x20 cooler

    WS2812B (5V white PCB)

    Power supply 5V 30A

    I'm able to connect with the HyperCon configuration program:

    After sending the configuration i get the message:

    Is this problem LibreElec alpha related on RPi4 or is there a problem with the hyperion sources?

    Thanks in advance for help ;)


    PS: Okay it seems this is a problem which is hyperion related.

    Here you can find a binary which at least initializes

  • We got a couple of threads about Hyperion, use the search function. Read here for a RPi 3 success story.

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  • just install the Hyperion addon from the LibreELEC repository - no need to mess around with other hyperion binaries, they are usually built for Raspbian and known to cause issues.

    Read more about Hyperion on LE in the wiki Hyperion [LibreELEC.wiki]

    so long,


  • Thanks for the replies, but Da Flex that didn't work here with my RPi4, so i went the hyperion forum during my research with the binary which works like a charm.

    HiassofT currently it's working perfectly, but thanks for the hint with the Hyperion addon from the LibreElec repository.

    I'm very curious, so i will test your way too today ;)



    PS: Ok i tried to figure it out here without success. I removed everything vom Hyperion (addon and Hyperion ssh install).

    Installation from LibreElec repository was okay and i exchanged the configuration at the path:


    with my configuration file 'hyperion.config.json'-

    The result was/is: No function - no effect while startup - Hyperion remote on Android is unable to connect to the server. I think the service is not successfully started here. Maybe this is related to i'm using WS2812b (PWM at GPIO18 - Pin12) instead of WS2801.

  • What's the output if you do this from SSH?


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  • Da Flex sorry for the late reply, the solution is already in my first (edited) post. The binary hyperiond had to be replaced.


    I have the same problem and I can't get The binary hyperiond as this page doesn't exist now. Can pls share the binary please. Thanks!