Amazon Fire Voice Remote not connecting/pairing with Bluetooth

  • Hi All, Looking for help connecting an amazon fire TV remote (model DR49WK) to my Raspberry Pi 3 running LibreELEC (latest release) as the remote is not showing up under the bluetooth menu.

    I’ve got two set up - one for the bedroom and one for the living room. In the bedroom I’ve got the first generation amazon remote connected and works perfectly. I’ve recently bought the amazon fire voice remote for the living room but I am unable to get it to pair as it does not show up in available Bluetooth devices. I’ve tried this on both my pi’s with no luck. The remote connects fine to a fire stick (connects first time - and I have disconnected/unpaired it from the fire stick). I’ve tried it with new batteries, multiple times holding the home button for 20 seconds + but whatever I try it does not show up. I’ve tried the old (1st gen) remote on both devices and it pairs straight away, just cannot get my new remote to work with either of the pi’s…….I've tried searching the internet, but not seen anything similiar.. Anybody had any similar problems or know any possible solutions to this?

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  • The latest Alexa Voice Remote, model L5B83H, also works with Bluetooth. It's the one with power, volume and mute buttons.

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