LibreELEC on RPi won't mount NAS drive over CIFS

  • Hi, I have a new NAS unit that I am trying to mount on LibreELEC.

    I have created a mount point at /storage/nas. I have created a file /storage/.config/system.d/storage-nas.mount with the contents:

    I have issued the command systemctl enable storage-nas.mount

    The drive does not mount however. If I look at the output of systemctl enable storage-nas.mount I get this:

    This is weird on two fronts, firstly the date is wrong (although the date command shows the correct local time) and I am not sure the URI looks right (where did that http come from?) I've tried rebooting but this doesn't help either.

    It looks right to me but something obviously isn't. Any thoughts?


  • What=//buffalo-4tb-nas/kodi

    mount: mounting //http://buffalo-4tb-nas/kodi on /storage/nas failed: Numerical result out of range

    looks something gone wrong here, pls try to replace the name of the nas with the ip address of it

    What=//buffalo-4tb-nas/kodi -> What=//

  • I have the same problem, and replacing the address with an ip address doesn't help. And I get the same sort of result using an alternate NAS server, and all kinds of combinations of passwords (which should not be needed)

    I am running Libreelec 9.1.501 on an Raspberry Pi 4

    What is also odd, like above, is the error messages with a wrong date. System date is correct


    StudyPi4:~/.config/system.d # cat storage-networkdrive.mount


    Description=networkdrive mount











    ● storage-networkdrive.mount - networkdrive mount

    Loaded: loaded (/storage/.config/system.d/storage-networkdrive.mount; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)

    Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Thu 2019-04-11 16:28:42 UTC; 6 months 17 days ago

    Where: /storage/networkdrive

    What: //

    Apr 11 16:28:42 StudyPi4 systemd[1]: Mounting networkdrive mount...

    Apr 11 16:28:42 StudyPi4 mount[533]: mount: bad address '//'

    Apr 11 16:28:42 StudyPi4 systemd[1]: storage-networkdrive.mount: Mount process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE

    Apr 11 16:28:42 StudyPi4 systemd[1]: storage-networkdrive.mount: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

    Apr 11 16:28:42 StudyPi4 systemd[1]: Failed to mount networkdrive mount.