Audio delay problem - default Audio Delay of 175ms?

  • Hello gentlemen,

    I have a problem that my audio is not in sync with video (around 100-200 ms off). I have learned that Libreelec configures a default audio delay of 175 ms for 24p video:

    I am wondering what the background of this is? Is it to compensate for video processing delay in the TV? When connecting the Kodi device directly to a TV then I would assume that the TV handles video processing delays internally anyway so that audio and video will be in sync anyway?

    So for which scenarios is this default delay meant? When using an AVR between Kodi and TV? I was also surprised that the delay is only for 24p material.

    Can someone give me hints about this please? Thanks!

  • A few years ago some Kodi devs decided that it is ok to set this delay by default to compensate for 24p video processing of some (buggy) TVs and screw the majority of owners of TVs that don't have any delay issues.

    Add this to advancedsettings.xml to disable the delay:

  • Ok thanks, so this is targeted at TVs that are delivering delayed audio even when a player device is directly connected to them via HDMI (without another AVR involved)? And they do that delay only in 24p?

  • And they do that delay only in 24p?

    Yes, apparently there are some TVs that have this delay only in 24p and some Kodi users were complaining, so it was decided to add this delay. There was a discussion somewhere on Kodi forum regarding this.